Follow up to Soul Surfer

I last posted about the new movie Soul Surfer that is opening next week.   Well,  I was going to let that post stand alone, but something else was brought to my attention and so I will pass it along to you.
Last night, I was talking to a friend that had read my post, and she told me of another movie about Christian Surfers – and there are a LOT of them.  She loaned me the movie and my wife and I watched it last night.  It is a very cool story about a pro surfer pouring into the lives of 2 young up-and-coming surfers.  He takes them with him on a trip (or series of trips) to some of the best surfing spots on the globe.  The movie is called Walking on Water  check out the website and story here.  It was quite good.
 It appealed to me on 2 levels.
First of all, it gives several of the top surfers in the world a chance to share how important Jesus is to their lives and the hope that He gives them, even in the face of the hardships of life.  And second, it appeals to me and my desire to travel all around and see the beautiful places and experience the amazing and different cultures that exist in God’s wonderful creation.
It also taught me about a very cool missions organization.  Christian Surfers International.  Find their web site here.  They are an organization that considers surfers largely as an unreached people group.  They have set up an organization that will show God’s love to all areas of the surfing world.  They want to empower Christian surfers to reach out to their local surfing community.  Check out their website if you are interested.  It is a pretty specific niche for outreach, and they are doing some pretty cool things as they bring Jesus into the surfing world with them.
 Thanks Amanda for finding this movie and bringing it to my attention.
So how about you?  What other cool mission niches have you come across?  How is God calling you to use your passions, gifts and talents to bring Him into your world to impact the lives of others? 

What’s Coming on Living Up…

I LOVE movies!

I watch movies a lot and I am always up for watching more.  I don’t really have a favorite genre – I’ve seen good (and bad) movies in all categories.  One type of movie I do enjoy are movies that are based on true events.  I know that often these are filled with fictionalized portions of the story.  Sometimes the “true event” is a minor point of the plot and the main story, while completely fictional, is crafted around that small “true event”.  I’ve even seen  a “true event story” that was completely made up (Fargo).  That being said, it is fun to get engaged in a story whose facts can be traced historically.

I also love sports.  Athletes have a mystique around them that makes people think of them as a breed apart.  It is good to check out their life stories and see how “normal” they really are.  Sometimes, this means that we see all parts of them, good and bad, flawed and heroic.  It is a good reminder that none of us are perfect and we are all in need of God’s grace and forgiveness.  And we all can take some responsibility to carry out the missions that God has given us.  This brings me to a new feature that I will be starting in April.  I am always encouraged when I hear of athletes who are using their platform of fame to talk about what God is doing in their life.  To hear them understand that God has placed them in this spotlight and given them a chance to point to Him as the most important thing in their life is an encouragement to me to remain bold in my faith too.

So I am going to start sharing these stories here too, in an effort to pass the encouragement and joy I get from their stories on to you.  Watch for these stories to come at least once a week (my goal is twice a week – we’ll see how it goes).  Most of them will be about athletes – since I am such a sports fan, but I may throw other stories I come across in too, occasionally.

To begin, check out this story of Bethany Hamilton.  She is a professional surfer who, as a teenager, lost an arm to a shark attack in her native Hawaii.  A movie about her story is opening in theaters on April 6.   This is the way she tells her story.