TBT – Bumps in the Road – Steve Bartkowski – QB – Atlanta Falcons


Steve Bartkowski played with the Falcons from 1975 through 1985

What does a perfect life look like to you?  It is something we all dream about yet if we were realists, we would know that it is not attainable. We may have moments when things seem to be going great and there is joy, contentment and satisfaction in many facets of life. But it is not sustainable. There are too many things that come along and turn things upside down. I know that this is nothing earth shattering, but this time, as I thought about it, I had a new take on it which I will get to in a little while.

But first, let’s get into the story Steve Bartkowski, former quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. As you can read in this story from faith talk ministries, Bartkowski had a great life on the go. He was the first overall draft pick in 1975, picked just ahead of Hall of Famers Randy White and Walter Payton and showed that he was deserving of that pick winning the Rookie of the Year award. He would go on the play in 2 Pro Bowls, join the Falcons ring of honor and had his number retired by Atlanta. But life was definitely not perfect for “Bart”. In fact, just before his 4th season, Bartkowski lost his job. But in that loss, he found something greater.


Bartkowski was the number 1 overall pick in the 1975 draft

In this article from premierespeakers.com, we read more about the story from Bartkowski. He says” I played poorly, the fans were critical, the press was down on me, and I had to face the most critical year of my life. There was no where to turn. I was ashamed of being Steve Bartkowski. In hindsight, though, I clearly see how God was taking all the earthly props away and was getting ready to make an interception in my life. It was during the 5th pre-season game of my fourth year in the NFL, against Philadelphia that the crash came. The harder I tried, the worse things got. The fans were booing and the press was criticizing. The pressure hit me from all angles. That night following the game I knew I had to get alone. I told myself This is it- I have tried as hard as I can in every game and things still continue to get worse. There is nothing else I can do. There is no more ability left in me. Alone in my room, I recalled that a man once told me how to become a Christian*. I bowed my head and repeated a simple prayer. I asked God to put HIS plan to work in my life. I asked Christ to come into my life and take over as Number One. Although, I wasn’t sure at that moment what had happened, the one thing I was sure of was the terrific sense of peace that came over me as I prayed. A huge burden had been lifted. I knew I had an encounter with the living Lord, even though I was not sure how to explain it to anyone.


When “Bart” retired, he was the all-time leader in almost all Falcons Passing stats. He has since been passed in many by Matt Ryan

Bartkowski got his starting job back, and would go on to set Falcons passing records until knee problems led to his retirement in 1987. His passing records stood until the past couple of years when many were surpassed by Matt Ryan. He is one of only a handful of QBs to throw 30 TDs or more in back to back seasons.

Nowadays, “Bart” remains active in the great outdoors. You can read this interview from Christian Sportsman Magazine where you will learn about his work with Christian Sportsman’s Fellowship. Check out what he says about his purpose in life.

“How do you personally know that God has a specific plan and purpose for your life and what is His purpose or mission for Steve Bartkowski?

I am confident of this one thing…every single day that I’m alive I need to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and He will take care of all the details. I have no idea what the future holds but I do know Who holds the future.  My sole desire is to live faithfully moment by moment and enjoy the ride. “

Here are my takeaways from Bartkowski’s story:

1- Bumps in the Road – I’ve talked many times on this site about the hard things that life brings our way. Sometimes they are speed bumps and potholes and sometimes the road seems washed out altogether. Now speed bumps in some parts of the world are referred to as “sleeping policeman”. Because what do you do when you see a police car when you are driving? If you are like me, you immediately take your foot off the gas pedal, check your speed and slow down if necessary to make sure you are not going to get a ticket.

Speed bumps make us slow down like that. And maybe there is a lesson in that for us. We go so fast and focus so much on whatever is going on in the moment in our lives, that often, God can be out of sight and out of mind. But when hard things hit, those bumps in the road can force us to slow down and cry out to God. Maybe that is the challenge that we can take from this. Take time in good times and in bad to slow down and notice how God is working in your situation. 


Bartkowski spends a lot of time in the outdoors. He even hosted a TV show for a while. He also sees his purpose to be a fisher of men

2- Seek Ye First -“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33 has been an important verse in my life. A few verses earlier, Jesus is talking about worry, which I am prone to. I can get stressed about all kinds of things that are not even in my control. But Jesus invites us to focus on Him and His Righteousness – that is important because my righteousness is not worth anything. Isaiah 64.6 says  “all our deeds of righteousness are like filthy rags”. If I am depending on my righteousness, it will cause me to worry more because I know that it is not even close to good enough.

But Jesus lived righteously and died for our sins. He invites us to accept His righteousness as a cover for our sinfulness. Does that give us an excuse to keep on sinning? Certainly not. Instead we follow God’s design to carry out our primary purpose – to seek Him first and to ask for His forgiveness. Chose to live for Him and help others understand His love and the righteousness He offers them.

Throwback Thursday -A Matter of Life and Death – Kevin Mawae – C Tennessee Titans


Former Titans center Kevin Mawae

How do you make decisions? I know that for me, I like to remain uncommitted for as long as possible as I process what is going on and figure out the best course of action. When there is a proverbial fork in the road, how long can I keep one foot on each path before I have to commit to following one way instead of another. That is my preferred method and it can drive the people around me crazy, especially if I am in a leadership position. But sometimes, I am not afforded that luxury. I need to make a choice and stick with it, regardless of what consequences that choice brings. And those consequences can be significant. Often we hear about important decisions being a “matter of life or death” But for Kevin Mawae, who finished his All-Pro career with the Tennessee Titans and thus earns the “Throwback Thursday” post ahead of tonights Titans-Jaguars game, the most important decision that he made in his life was brought on by life and death. I will explain a little later.


Throughout his career, Mawae’s teams would see more rushing yards and fewer in sacks allowed – a product of a great offensive line, anchored by Mawae.

First, about Mawae, who was a 2nd round pick by the Seattle Seahawks in the 1994 NFL draft. He played for the Seahawks for four seasons before leaving via free agency to play for the New York Jets. With the Jets, Mawae would find stardom as a member of the line that blocked for Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin. He would also anchor the 2000 Jets offensive line that tied the NFL record for fewest sacks allowed in a season with 20. He would go on to play in 8 Pro Bowls, be named to 7 first team All-Pro lineups and be named a member of the 2000-2009 All Decade Team. He would join the Titans in 2006 and play the final 3 seasons of his career there, greatly improving their running game and lowering their sacks allowed.


Mawae was named to 8 Pro Bowl’s in his career. His final game as an NFL player was the 2008 Pro Bowl.

But like so many I have written about on this blog, Mawae had some unbearable hardships off the field. As mentioned earlier, the most important decision he made in his life was greatly influenced by death AND life. It was the death of his brother John in a car accident closely followed by the birth of his son that led Mawae to open a Bible and discover who Jesus is. You can read about it in this article from The Goal. Mawae says “Then, just before my third year in the league, my older brother John was suddenly killed in a car accident. He and I were best friends.(…) I was really crushed. Yet, about the same time, my wife Tracy was pregnant and gave birth to our son Kirkland. I couldn’t help but ask, “Why would God take a life away and then create a life?” I wasn’t angry with God, I just didn’t understand. On my own, I started reading from the Bible, starting with the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. My brother had just been baptized before he died, and in my reading I came to realize that God has a plan for everybody. We can ask why, but there are things that we’ll never know the answer to. That’s where faith comes in.”


Mawae is very open about his faith in God and sees football as a place where his voice can be heard by many

He continues saying “My questioning brought me to an understanding that what I needed was a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We wanted our son to be brought up in a Godly home, so I committed my life to Christ. We know that God used John’s death and Kirkland’s birth to bring us to Himself – because He loves us.”

Mawae chose to follow God and that decision impacted not just his life and his family’s lives, but his teammates and fans, too. In this article from NY Times, we learn that Mawae sees football as a platform to share about Jesus with others. During his playing days, he would be very open about his belief in God. He says “‘I believe God puts people in places for a number of reasons. My No. 1 reason is we had three Christians on the team when I got here and it’s gone from 3 to 15 guys in our Bible study… It gives me a bigger platform to profess my faith in Christ. I take football as an opportunity to reach out to others, to show I can be a tough football player and a Christian. I feel I have a bigger influence spiritually than physically

Here are my takeaways from Mawae’s story:


Mawae is in the LSU athletics Hall of Fame. He continues to share his faith story in and around Baton Rouge.

1- Decision Making – I opened this post by talking about my own decision making process and how it can be flawed or frustrating to others (and honestly to myself sometimes). But one great thing about God is that He can show how amazing He is whether we are making good choices or not. I think of the story of Jonah in the Bible. Jonah made bad choices. He ran from God and did the exact opposite of what he knew God wanted him to do. And God was still with him and through an amazing string of events, took Jonah back to the right place and give him another chance. Was it scary, uncomfortable and/or awful for Jonah? I would imagine the answer is a resounding yes! But is it an awesome story of God’s grace and forgiveness? Absolutely. And through the story of Jonah, there are groups of secondary characters that also get to see and experience God’s power, forgiveness and mercy. (The fishermen and the people of Nineveh). Be encouraged to take a chance, commit to following God. And even if you make bad choices, God is still there and can lead you back to where He wants you.

2- You Story is Yours! Use it! – God is the author of countless amazing stories – including the one you are living right now. It is full of hard things, pain, heartbreak, bad choices and hard lessons. But it is also full of amazing things like love, grace, forgiveness and the Creator of all things actively offering guidance and challenges for us to follow. Don’t be afraid of your story. Don’t be afraid of your past or what you’ve been through. But don’t let that be the focus either. Instead, focus on the God who has been with you through it all, and has a plan to use your story to draw others to Him. We saw it with Mawae’s brother playing a role in leading Kevin to choose to follow God, and we see it in Kevin’s story as he shares so openly the importance God plays in his life. How can God use you and your story for His purposes. Let His path for you be the path you choose to follow!

Cannot Stay Silent – Justin Simmons – S- Denver Broncos


Justin Simmons was drafted by the Broncos in the 3rd round last spring

Last season, the Denver Broncos turned an amazing defense into a Super Bowl Championship. They had future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning under center, sure, but it was the defense that led this team to victory after victory and ultimately the Super Bowl. So then it must be exciting for a defensive player to be drafted by an elite defense. It would be great to join a top defense, but there may be somebody ahead of you on the depth chart that you will have to wait for or overtake to get a chance to play. The best you can do is try to impress and earn a shot.  That is what Justin Simmons did. He impressed, was drafted by a top defense and hoped to earn a chance to play some. As you can read in this article from Mile High Report, Simmons ranked tops in vertical and broad jump at the combine.  And while the starter for the Broncos return from last year, the thought at the start of the season was that Simmons would have add a lot to the defense, too.


Simmons posted top results at the combine in broad jump and vertical jump.

Simmons played outstanding defense in college too. With Boston College, he finished his career there with 9 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles and over 200 tackles.  But Simmons had an impact on more that just the field during his time at BC. You can read this article from BCeagles.com about how Simmons arrived in Boston from Florida and the transition to college was not easy. He said “It was tough because I didn’t play; I was getting knocked around on the scout team and school was hard… Everything about that time period was absolutely difficult. And that’s when I really needed to dig deep with my relationship with God and find it again.”  He had been a regular at church and bible study growing up in Florida. But with college, something was missing. That is when he, along with teammate decided they wanted to start an Athletes in Action group on campus. They worked through the campus ministries to get an AIA group started and recognized by the school.  Simmons continues “I think I just needed to step back and say, ‘Why did I even come here in the first place? Why did I even play sports?’ I wanted to glorify God’s name and everything he does, so if I quit, I’d be leaving a position that God put me in. I just had to refocus, stay patient and stay humble and have faith that good things will happen.

Aug 11, 2016; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears running back Jacquizz Rodgers (35) is forced out of bounds by Denver Broncos free safety Justin Simmons (31) during the second quarter at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Now Simmons is ready to join one of the top defenses in the NFL. 

In this article from Draftwire, Simmons shares the importance of his faith and God’s plan for his life. He says “I knew God beforehand, but I really found my relationship with Him on my own during that time, and really started to grow (in my faith). It was at that point in time that I realized I really needed to lean on Him and His promise for me, and even if its not football, that there is something greater for me.I just learned to be patient and trust in His will in my life.” He continues “My faith hasn’t just changed my life, it has saved my life, and that’s why I’m so outspoken about it. I just want other people to experience what I’ve experienced.”


Here are my takeaways from Simmons story:

DENVER, CO - AUGUST 27:  Free safety Justin Simmons #31 of the Denver Broncos in action against the Los Angeles Rams at Sports Authority Field Field at Mile High on August 27, 2016 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Simmons continues to be bold about his faith in God

1- Cannot Stay Silent – I really like the book of Acts. It is so encouraging to see how to early church grew and how that foundation is what the church today is built on. I am challenged by the boldness of Peter and John who after seeing Jesus killed and then encountering the risen Jesus, knew that He was the promised Messiah. They would share that message for the rest of their lives, regardless of the consequences that it may bring. Their boldness led them to be brought before the council for healing a lame man. They had been imprisoned and were being told not to tell anyone else about Jesus. But Peter and John remain bold with their answer in verses 19-20 “But Peter and John replied, “Do you think God wants us to obey you rather than him? 20 We cannot stop telling about everything we have seen and heard.” I see this kind of boldness in Simmons’ story, too. When he arrived in college and found the connection with God suffering a little, he took steps to create the environment where he and others could study the bible, connect with God and encourage each other.  Have you seen and experienced the goodness of God? Has meeting Him changed your life? If so, it is impossible to stay silent. He is what life is all about and sharing about Him is the mission that He has given us. Let’s be bold and proclaim His greatness to the world around us.


Justin and Taryn Simmons endured a long-distance relationship. Now married, they know God has strengthened them and brought them together.

2- Finding a great partner – On April 1, 2016, Justin Simmons married his High School sweetheart. A couple of the articles that I read talked about their relationship and the long-distance challenge he and Taryn faced when he was in Boston and she was not. This connected with me because my wife and I met at a training program that lasted from September to December. We got engaged in April and married the following December.  In the 12 months between the end of our program and our wedding day, we were in the same place for 5 months. The rest of the time, we were separated by thousands of miles and as many as 6 time zones. And that time that we had apart really forced us to work on the friendship part of our dating relationship. And it was good. It was hard, there were times when it would have been great to go on a date or hang out together with family or friends, but God used that time to build a foundation of friendship that now, almost 13 years into our marriage, continues to support and strengthen our marriage. Justin and his bride saw God’s faithfulness and grace carry them through their engagement has set them up for married life. I wish them the best and pray that God will continue to be a strong presence in their life together.

TBT – The Ultimate Reward – Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila – DE – Green Bay Packers


Former Packers Defensive End Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila

This week, “Throwback Thursday” brings me to a sort of “necessary evil”. I am stationed in Vikings Country here in Minneapolis-St. Paul, and so as I aim to write about a player from each team (past or present) that means that at some point, I will need to share a positive, inspirational story about a member of the Green Bay Packers. That always seems to put a chill in the air with the die-hard fans of the “purple” that are all around. Maybe with the great season the Vikings are having, more grace will be granted as I write about a former member of the Vikings “cheesy” neighbors.  As I looked into the stories of some of the historical Packers, the faith journey of former Packers Defensive End Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila caught my attention. I am excited to share some of his story with you here.

His numbers are very impressive. He played in 1 Pro-Bowl and led the NFC in sacks in 2004. He was enshrined in the Packers Hall of Fame in 2013. But most impressive is the fact that he is the all-time Packers sack leader.

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, known in his playing career as “KGB: was born in Los Angeles, California in 1977. His parents had moved from Nigeria and were both Muslim. His mother, however, converted to Christianity shortly after arriving from Nigeria. So Kabeer was brought up in the middle of a battle of religions. As you can learn in this video from “The Increase” much of KGB’s faith and beliefs echoed his dad’s beliefs that Christians, when pressed, would not be able to give answers about God or why they believed Jesus was the Savior.


Gbaja-Biamila is the all time sack leader for the Packers

When he met with Gil Byrd, the director of player development for the Packers at the time, he posed his usual questions about Jesus to Byrd, but Byrd was able to answer them and started Gbaja-Biamila searching the Bible for more truth. You can read more about the exchange in this article from Samaritan Ministries. The truth that KGB learned was that he was a sinner and that all of a sudden, Jesus made sense. He realized that his sin made things seem hopeless at first, but the hope that Jesus brings is real. His willingness to take our place and pay the penalty is a life-changing.  Kabeer prayed, admittedly uncertain to which God he was praying, asking that he would be able to find these contradictions in the Bible. Instead, he found the truth of the Bible and decided that he would choose to accept Jesus and live life for Him.

Green Bay Packers Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila against Chicago Bears Brian Griese, John Tait at Soldier Field in Chicago, Ill. on Dec. 31, 2006. The Packers won 26-7. MANDATORY CREDIT:(Jay Drowns/Sporting News) DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPH

KGB spent years trying to disprove Christianity, but ultimately found that he could not do it. Instead, he accepted Jesus as Savior

And KCB grew in his faith and God has guided him to be a strong witness to his team, to the community of Green Bay and to the world at large. Check out this story from jcsuperstars where we see more of Gbaja-Biamila’s heart for serving God. He says about playing in the NFL, “I pray for protection for me and my teammates, but ultimately I wrap it up by saying that, ‘God, I just pray you’re glorified through this whole thing, and ultimately, let Your will be done. If that means losing a game, so be it. If it means winning a game, so be it. If it means being hurt, so be it.

And he practiced what he preached, too. Read about when he was demoted from starter to Pass Rush specialist in this article from jsonline, he at first was upset but ultimately he said “But because of my faith, I said this is not (general manager) Ted Thompson’s decision. This is not (coach) Mike McCarthy’s decision. I said, ‘God is in control of everything. If this is your will for me, so be it. I will do it.”

That faith and trust in God’s plan has been important in the highs and lows that life has brought along. Later in the Samaritan’s Ministries article we learn about the day when his first child was born – a day filled with joy and excitement turned into a day of sorrow and sadness hours later when Kabeer’s mother was killed in a car accident. He said “I can’t fool myself. What happened on that single day, it’s going to affect me for a long time. But I know I’m going to be able to carry on because I know that’s what my mom would want of me, and I know God is going to give me strength.

Here are my takeaways from Gbaja-Biamila’s story


For almost a decade, KGB tormented NFL quarterbacks for the Packers

1- The Search for Truth – Gbaja-Biamila sought out Christians to try and tear down their faith. He wanted to prove that their belief in God was misguided and that Christianity was not true. But when he started to read the Bible for himself, he realized that it was true and that Jesus was real and was really God. John 8.33 says that the truth will set you free. That is what happened for KGB. It can happen for each of us, too.  Give the Bible a read and ask God to show you what you can learn from it. God is enough. We don’t need special gimmicks to convince people to look to Him. He is enough. He is always relevant and his love and the truth of the gift of life that he offers is enough to win over even the coldest, hardest of hearts.

2- The Challenge is Issued –  Gbaja-Biamila says in the video and the articles that he had a “go-to” challenge where he would ask Christians where Jesus said He was God, and many could not provide that answer. It is a good challenge. Do you know enough about your faith in God and the words of the Bible to answer the questions that opponents of your faith may have for you. I am challenged to study the Bible daily and grow in my understanding of the Word so I can be ready to answer these types of questions. Interestingly enough, I am in a weekly Bible study that is studying the book of John, and just this week, a couple days before reading Gbaja-Biamila’s story, I was studying John 4, where Jesus is talking to the Samaritan woman at the well. In John 4.25, the Samaritan woman says that she knows that the Messiah is coming and he will explain everything to the people. Jesus replies in verse 26 “I, the one speaking to you- I am he.”  Jesus was the Messiah, and He knew it and declared it. You can know it too, and be confident that if you ask Him to, He will reveal Himself to you.


Gbaja-Biamila was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame in 2013. Despite the success on the Field, KGB is more excited to talk about Jesus.

3- Ultimate Reward – Gbaja-Biamila had a great career with many accolades and successes. There would be lots of reasons that he would have to brag. But that is not what KGB is all about. He says “If I’m going to be doing any bragging, I’m going to be bragging about Your Son, and what Your Son did for me.’ I’m just blessed to be a part of anything that He’s got going on.” We can get so caught up in our status or achievements which will all rust, or fade away. But what Jesus did for us, that is never ending. It will not fade away. It is the ultimate reward, mostly because it is not something we did anything to win or deserve. His gift of love and life is worth celebrating and bragging about. Let’s tell everyone what an amazing God we serve and what a great Savior Jesus is.  He offers this gift to all who would believe in Him. Let’s spread the news.


Methodical Approach – Ryan Quigley – P – Arizona Cardinals


Cardinals punter Ryan Quigley

Ryan Quigley knows punting. He excelled at it in High School and in college. Eight years of excelling on the football field but as you can read in this Sports Spectrum article, there he was, out of football for the first time in almost a decade. He had been invited as an undrafted free-agent to the Chicago Bears camp, and made the roster out of camp to start the 2012 season, but he was waived early in the season without appearing in a game.

Jul 26, 2012; Bourbonnais, IL, USA; Chicago Bears punter Ryan Quigley walks to the practice field during the opening day of training camp on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University. Mandatory Credit: Bradley Leeb-US PRESSWIRE

Quigley was signed as a free agent by the Bears in 2012, but didn’t appear in a regular season game for them.

So what did Quigley do when life didn’t go as he hoped? He put all his effort into getting better. He had a strict workout regiment that he followed closely.  Along the way there was the ongoing debate – “‘Will I get that shot? Do I even deserve that shot?’ For me, it was all about being ready when that call comes, if it comes.”

He did work hard to keep himself ready and hoped for another chance – one that would not come for the entire season. In the midst of this year, Quigley also found a connection with God. He began attending a Bible Study with Josh McCown who had also been cut by the Bears around the same time. (and whose brother Luke, I blogged about a couple weeks ago).  So as he worked out to keep himself fit and ready, he also dived into reading his Bible and growing in his faith.  He says “I was finally able to sit back and be like, this is me right now. I’m going to try to improve my game, and try to figure out my faith…That was really where God kind of entered my life. Took away all the pressure, all the stress. Just gave me peace and security. Living in the moment, rather than thinking so far ahead into the future, knowing that He has a planI’m still trying to figure it out, and I don’t think I’ll ever figure it all out. But that’s how great God’s love and grace is, impossible to fully understand. It’s a good feeling.


Quigley signed with the Jets and spent 3 seasons with them.

His chance at football would come. The Jets signed him, taking him away from his final weeks of school before finishing his degree. You can read here about his call to the Jets and finishing his degree. He would appear in 14 games for the Jets in 2013 and played 2 more seasons with them as well.  But they didn’t bring him back after last season. He signed with the Eagles in the off-season, but was cut a month later. He signed with the Jaguars and went through training camp with them before being cut at the end of camp.

And with Drew Butler on the shelf for a few weeks Quigley has a chance to play for the Cardinals. Quigley is hoping to make the most of his chance with the Cardinals and looking to either stretch this chance longer or catch on with another team. Either way, he is trusting God to lead and confident that God is with him.

Here are my takeaways from Quigley’s story:


After off-season stints with the Jaguars and the Eagles, Quigley signed with the Cardinals at the end of September.

1- Methodical Training – Quigley was out of football for a year after the Bears cut him. He settled in Charlotte to work out and keep himself ready for another chance. But in this time, he also sought to grow in his faith in God. I love the picture of Quigley growing in his game and in his faith at the same time. I like it because faith is like a muscle.  The more you work in it, the stronger it gets. God gives us lots of chances to trust him when our plans don’t seem to be working out. As we trust him and our faith is put into action, we will see that He is faithful all the time. And our faith in Him will grow. Quigley was very methodical in his workouts and in his time spent with God. That is a challenge for each of us as well. Let’s make spending time with God a priority and allow Him to grow our faith as we see Him prove faithful

2- Impossible to Completely Understand – Quigley shared that as his faith grew, he knew that there were things about God that he didn’t understand, but that didn’t deter him. Instead, it gave him a desire to know more. We will never understand everything about God and that is comforting. If little old me could figure out God, then He would not be very impressive. But He is a mystery and works things out in His perfect way every time. And while we won’t completely understand God, it is great getting to know Him more and more and seeing the ways that He shows up in our circumstances will encourage us to keep seeking Him.