Christians in the NHL Playoffs – Nashville Predators Mike Fisher

These are the hardest 3 days of the NHL season for die hard fans whose team has made it successfully to the NHL playoffs and the search for the Stanley Cup.  These 3 days between the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs can be excruciating (which is funny because there is still such a long road ahead.  The Cup will not be awarded for another 2 months.  I am excited because, for the first time in my life, my team (the Boston Bruins) enter as the defending champs. In reality, all that means is that my time to gloat about my favorite team winning it all is running out, unless they can put together another amazing run.

Nashville Predators' Mike Fisher

I love hockey.  Watching it, following it, remembering the wonderful playoff hockey pools that my friends and I would have – I was always lousy at it, but it was a fun, social activity.  However, I have come to learn through the research for these blog posts, that hockey players are less likely to be followers of Christ than any other major North American Sport.  Their stories are harder to find – maybe it is because interest in hockey is not as wide spread as other sports (although being from Canada, I find that hard to believe because it is so entrenched in our culture).

So when I do find these stories, I love to share them.  I will look into some of the playoff hockey teams in the days and weeks to come and will (hopefully) find a few of these stories to share.

We will start with the story of Mike Fisher.  He has been playing in the NHL since 1999, playing for the Ottawa Senators for 12 years before a trade sent him to the Nashville Predators.  Check out this video by CBN about Fisher’s faith and God-centered life.


For more on Fisher’s story,you can read the book about his life (something I hope to do soon) visit his website, or  check out this blog post from Chad Bonham over at Inspiring Athletes. Fisher talks about trusting God’s plan even when life is hard – and knowing that life WILL be hard!  He also shares the way that complete trust is important and necessary to a good and strong marriage.  His wife, country music singer Carrie Underwood, and he have different schedules that has them both traveling (and apart) often.  Trust is something that needs to grow, needs to develop by having the other person prove to be worthy of that trust.

Mike and wife Carrie Underwood


Fisher also discusses trust and how, like with anyone else, trust is so important to growing a strong relationship with God.  The difference is that God is always trustworthy and will not let us down like people tend to do from time to time.  One of the people I most relate to in the Bible is the father in Mark 9.  The man’s son has been battling this issue all of his life, where he, possessed by a demon, will writhe and seize, throwing himself into the fire or water, and has him gnashing teeth and foaming at the mouth.  The father comes to Jesus and asks “if you can do anything, please help us”  Jesus replies – “Anything is possible for one who believes”.  The father replies very honestly. ” I do believe, help my unbelief”.

How often do we find ourselves in this place.  We know what God has said, and we know what God can do, and still we doubt.  We can recite countless stories about God doing impossible things, but we have a hard time believing that he can do something in our situation.  I love that father’s answer for a couple of reasons.

#1 – because I am often there.  Wanting to believe but afraid to get my hopes up.  Afraid that if it doesn’t work out the way I want it to, that I will either blame God for letting me down, or blaming myself, searching for sin in my life or some other way that I misread what God was doing.

And #2 – It is a reminder that we don’t need to have it all together.  We don’t need to have it all figured out.  The disciples in the story didn’t have it all figured out either.  They had been praying for healing and freedom from this demon and it had not worked.  We all tend to struggle and doubt from time to time.  We lose sight of what God has done, and don’t believe that he can help us.

For this reason, I find this story very reassuring.  It is OK to let God know that we do believe in him, but we struggle sometimes to REALLY believe.  He’s OK with that.  He is not going to to tell us that we blew our chance.  He will lovingly remind us that belief in Him will show us impossible things being possible.  And the more we are called to trust on God, the more we will see him prove faithful and trust-worthy and the stronger our faith will grow.

Hockey playoffs start tonight.  The Predators take on the Red Wings.  I’m not a big fan of the Red Wings, so I hope that the Predators take the series.  I hope Mike  Fisher is a big part of the reason why.  And I wish him lots of success, unless Nashville meets up with the Bruins in the Finals.   Enjoy the playoffs hockey fans!


NHL draft special

I am going to take a brief brake from my series on Christian Baseball players and celebrate the end of the hockey season and the start of the off season.  First of all, congratulations to my favorite team – the Boston Bruins – in winning their first Stanley Cup in my lifetime.  I found the series exciting and the results were my wildest hockey dreams coming true.  Entertaining stuff!

And that ushers in the start of the off season.  When  I was younger, and had greater access to hockey in general (It is, after all one of Canada’s national sports) I would follow the up and coming players with great interest and so when the draft arrived, I would settle in and watch it with deep routed interest, much like what happens with the NFL draft here in the USA.  I knew the players, and had some idea about their game and so I knew who I hoped would go to teams I liked, and what my favorite teams needed to improve. (I studied this a lot because, as mentioned, my favorite team ALWAYS needed to improve – they were never the best until this past season).

Unfortunately, as a grown up, I need to focus attention on other things, and it isn’t as easy to find hockey coverage here in the US, especially the Canadian Junior Leagues – the main feeder of Canadian players to the NHL)
But as the draft approached last weekend, I was watching with great interest where 1 player in particular would wind up.

Rocco Grimaldi

His name is Rocco Grimaldi.  He was drafted by the Florida Panthers, and he is an outspoken Christ follower.  He is very active in social media and is always ready and willing to share his faith and what God is teaching him.
Of the 4 major sports in North America, hockey seems to have fewer people who boldly claim a relationship with God.  So when I learn of Christians in hockey, I appreciate that they are in a vast mission field and I hope and pray that they have plenty of opportunities to speak out about their faith in God to fans, teammates, and whoever else is around to listen.

Read this article from Yahoo Sports for more about Grimaldi and his faith.

Tim Tebow

One of the questions the article asks is “did his faith cause some teams to stay away from him?”  I have heard similar thoughts about Tim Tebow, an outspoken Christ follower who plays quarterback for the NFL’s Denver Broncos.  His new book has just been released and I look forward to reading more about his story.

Tebow’s New Book
But as for being bold in our faith, the temptation may be to stay quiet and keep one’s faith inside.  I know that this is not just a temptation that professional athletes face, but a temptation that we all face.  No one likes to be made fun of. No one likes to be looked at as weird or annoying.  We all like to be liked, and to be popular.  But is that what really matters?  What is more important?  Is having people like us the most  important thing? Is it important even if they don’t consider the God we believe in to be important? Or is it more important to represent our God and stand up for our belief in him, regardless of what others may say or think?

We don’t face much in the way of persecution for our beliefs at this stage of history.  Ridicule seems to be as bad as it gets.  So what should we do?  The Bible also tells us that if we are silent, even the rocks will cry out to the glory of God.  If God’s glory is so evident and powerful that even rocks will cry out, then I think we can be confident that  He’s got our back if we boldly claim faith in him to the masses, whoever they may be.  And whatever they may think.

So welcome to the NHL Rocco.  I am already a fan of yours for what I’ve seen/read/learned about you.

Stay bold and keep the faith!

Stanley Cup Finals Time! Tim Thomas and Dan Hamhuis!

It i time for a little Friendly Family Feud!

OK, brace yourself for a little in-fighting in the Page clan.  You see, being from Canada, we take our hockey seriously, and as the Stanley Cup finals start up, it is time for me to go toe-to-toe with my oldest brother Steven.  He is a fan of the Vancouver Canucks (which I can accept as he and his wife, Julie, lived in VanTown for several years). And I am a life-long Boston Bruins fan.

Why? you ask! Well, here is the sob-story for poor little brother, Chris.  You see, as the youngest of 3 boys, I was always the recipient of hand-me-downs from my older brothers.  My jeans had patched knees, my sports shirts were all supporting their favorite teams, and my ability to exaggerate the “facts” of my youth has grown over the years,I know that I had lots of new clothes purchased for me,  but I’m looking for some sympathy here  – woe is me in my worn out clothes. 
Then, magically and amazingly, at the age of about 3 or 4, on a crisp, cool, November afternoon, my mother, brought home a BRAND NEW winter coat and it was for me! (OK, I actually don’t know the exact day, let alone the weather on the day – give me a little creative license OK!) and guess what was on the coat!  You got it, a small Boston Bruins emblem in the upper front left.  Well I loved that coat because it was ALL MINE, and as a result, now 30something years later, I still pledge a strong hockey allegiance to the Bruins.  I don’t think I could name any of the players when I first received that coat, but it started an appreciation that grew and grew into a full-fledged, permanent citizenship in Bruins Nation.

And now these 2 teams face off against each other, and my brother and I do, too.  Canucks are favored, so we will see how it all works out.  But I am excited to have my favorite team playing for a chance at the upset and hopefully raising of the Stanley Cup for the first time in 39 years. (Vancouver has not one at all in their 40 year history) so a drought will soon end. 

And in the spirit of this blog about Christian Athletes, let me share a couple of articles that I have found:

First, with my beloved Bruins and their Goaltender Tim Thomas.  His is not the typical star story.  He played through minor leagues in North America and spent some time in Europe, too.  He did not become a regular player until the age of 31, when most careers are starting to wind down.  Now he is 4 wins away from the grandest of hockey prizes.  So I was glad to read this blog from Christian Chronicle which talks about him and his love for the Lord.   His is a story of persistence.  The best way I know to work through hardship, and challenges is to lean on the strength of the Lord.  According to the pastor of the church he attends, that relationship with God is there to draw on, and hopefully (for all of us Bruins fans) that perseverance will pay off in the ultimate hockey prize – the Stanley Cup, but at the end of the day, the real “Ultimate Prize” is to have a relationship with God.
And on the other side of the finals, we have a guy that is going to be hard to cheer against.  His name is Dan Hamhuis.  Read his story in his own words in this article from Sharing the Victory magazine. His story resonates with me.  I work in children’s ministry and my heart longs to reach out to kids who are like Hamhuis.  (and like me).  Kids who grow up in church, and don’t mind it, but don’t have a relationship of their own with Jesus.  Without a foundation of Christ to build on, trials and temptations that come along can easily ensnare us.  It is refreshing to read this story from Hamhuis (even if it is a few years old) and to read the important role Jesus plays in his life.   While I want the Bruins to win the cup, it will not be sad to see him reach this pinnacle, either. 
Hamhuis has also contributed to “The Hockey Players New Testament”, a devotional Bible that is put out by Hockey Ministry InternationalClick here to see  him in an  advertisement for this Bible. 
 Hockey Ministries International is an organization that does a lot of different things to make Christ known in the hockey world.  They have camps for young players, that feature Christian players and coaches, they have a chaplain ministry to NHL teams and more.  Check them out!
So enjoy the Stanley Cup Finals, and may the best team win, and may Steve and I enjoy our friendly rivalry over the next couple of weeks.
(you can meet my brother Steve and his wife Julie, and read about all that they have going on at their blog “Plaid Eggnog“).