All-Star Focus – National League Edition – 3 All-Star Rookies

Two weeks ago, the MLB All-Star game was played in Cleveland. I wrote a post on some of the participants for the American League. Now it is the National League’s turn. All three players whose stories I will share were first-time All-Stars and appeared in the game. Let’s meet these stars:

David Dahl – Colorado Rockies OF.

Dahl had a hit and a run scored in his first All-Star game on July 9

I guess this is becoming a tradition for me. At All-Star time, I write a post that includes a Colorado Rockies player. In 2014 it was Charlie Blackmon, in 2017, Nolan Arenado was in the spotlight. Last year, I wrote about Trevor Story.  This year it is David Dahl’s turn.  For Dahl, it has been an arrival that many have anticipated. Dahl was selected by the Rockies 10th overall in the 2012 draft out of high school. He has played very well in this his third season in the majors, and he has avoided the injured list – a place where he has spent lots of time. He has battled a torn hamstring (2012) a lacerated spleen (2013) and a stress fracture in his ribs (2017) that led to back spasms. And last season, he spent 2 months on the shelf with a broken foot. But as you can read in this article from 280living, in the face of adversity, he leans on his faith in God.  He says “I have a tattoo of a Bible verse on my arm, Joshua 1:9, which says ‘Be Strong and Courageous…I’ve learned that if you have a good relationship with Christ, everything falls into place.”  

For many of us, we face the waves of hardships, challenges and annoyances that things aren’t going constantly on an upward trajectory to bigger and better things. These bumps in our roads are great times to remember that God is with us in the hard times, struggles, moments when we feel alone and frustrated. But He guides us to places of celebration and victory in those circumstances. Maybe it isn’t in a place where everyone gets to see it – like an All-Star game, but the hope and victory of knowing God helps us realize that our only choice is to “Be strong and courageous” in Him and trust Him to bring us to His best plan.

Ronald Acuna Jr. – Atlanta Braves OF

Acuna and fellow Braves All-Star Freddie Freeman

The 2018 National League Rookie of the Year was also named to his first All-Star game, earlier this month. He has taken the majors by storm in his season and a half in the bigs. Signed as an international free agent in 2014, he moved very quickly through the minor league system, and was promoted to the Braves in April 2018. He was the youngest major leaguer at the time. He finished hitting just below .300 with 26 home runs and 16 stolen bases. He won the Rookie of the Year and finished 12th in MVP voting. He is building on that great first season with a similar home run total and even more stolen bases. The Venezuelan star has a high ceiling and credits his faith in God as a reason for his success and a help in the hard times.  He says “The most important thing is to never lose your faith. Just because your faith is what helps maintain you, especially during the tough times that happen on the field and off the field. Every time I take the field or even when I wake up, I have a conversation with God…I feel like I always pray to Him and have that relationship and I feel like He listens.”

Acuna’s mention of frequent conversations with God and building a relationship with Him is the key. You can’t get to know someone you don’t talk to or spend time with. The best way to get to know God is to spend time with Him, reading his word, praying and getting to know Him. And He loves to reveal Himself to people. I am challenged by Acuna’s word. With my work, I get to spend a lot of time reading and studying God’s word, but I know that it is more than reading the words, it is asking Him to speak to me and building that relationship with Him that will help most in my job and in my life.

Ketel Marte – Arizona Diamondbacks IF

Marte was named an All-Star starter for the game on July 9

Like Acuna, Ketel Marte was named a starter in the All-Star Game. And like both Acuna and Dahl, Marte is a first-time All-Star who has faced adversity and leans on his faith in God.  Marte was signed as an international free agent by the Seattle Mariners in 2010. He made his debut with them in 2015 and played well enough that the Mariners traded their shortstop to make room for Marte. But Marte struggled the next year with injury as well as in his performance.  After 1 season as the Mariners #1 shortstop, Marte was traded to Arizona. He started the season in the minors, but was brought up to play 73 games for them. The next season, he played regularly between 2nd base and shortstop, leading the National League in triples. This year, he was named a starter in the All-Star game and currently leads the National League in hits.

For Marte, the hardest thing that he has had to deal with is the death of his mother who was killed in an accident in July 2017. It was in this grieving process that Marte shared “I’m the type of person who has a lot of belief in God, a lot of faith in God, and that’s helped me through difficult times. My mother always wanted the best from me and for me, … I know she’s gone, and that’s very hard to deal with. But again, I’ve always been one to trust in God, and I know I will be OK.”

I guess the theme of this post is dealing with different adversity. Adversity will have some similarities but will mostly be different for each of us. The hard times, the unexpected bumps can really blindside us, but depending on God, trusting Him to be there to give us strength and help us through the things that we could never take on on our own is the best plan – in fact it is the only plan that works.


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