All-Star Game Special – Lessons from a Fisherman – Charlie Blackmon – Colorado Rockies


Rockies Outfielder Charlie Blackmon

allstar gameAs the All-Star game approaches, I continue my focus on some participants in the Mid-Summer classic.  This time around it is Charlie Blackmon of the Colorado Rockies.  He has a huge beard, he is an avid fisherman and he is a devout follower of Christ.  Seems similar to some guys I read about in the Bible.

Charlie Blackmon was drafted 3 times in his life,in 2004 by the Florida Marlins (24th round) in 2006 by the Boston Red Sox (20th round) and in 2008 by the Colorado Rockies (2nd round).  He signed with the Rockies and worked his way through the minors, spending essentially 1 season at each level.  He made his debut in Colorado in 2011 and split the next 3 seasons between the majors and minors.  He was expected to be a platoon player this season, but then opening day came and he did this.


Blackmon, the “Bearded Wonder” will play in his first All-Star game next week

A 6 for 6 day will turn some heads.  He finished with 5 RBI, 4 extra base hits and fell a triple short of the cycle.  He has played in 89 of the Rockies 92 games and was named to his first All-Star game.  He is boasting an average just under .300 and 13 home runs.

As you can read in this article from the Denver Post, Blackmon doesn’t take himself too seriously.  He is having the time of his life living his dream and knows that “God has a plan for everybody and I try to do my part, and it’s more than just the baseball stuff”.  God’s plan for Blackmon has led him to be a deserving if improbable All-Star this year.

Here are my takeaways from Blackmon’s story:


Blackmon is an avid fisherman. And a fisher of men

1- Fisherman and Fishers of Men – Blackmon is an avid fisherman.  At the start of this article, I drew a connection between some of the disciples who were fishermen and Blackmon, a devout Christian himself.  What I have always enjoyed about the story of Peter, Andrew, James and John is that Jesus called them to leave their life as fishermen and repurposed them as fishers of men.  Instead of catching fish, they will be capturing people.  Instead of simply ending lives of fish, they would be calling other people to die to themselves and experience true life with God.  For them, a fishing reference connected them to their purpose.  For Blackmon, it is baseball.  What has God equipped you to do?  How can you use that which He has already given you to help others know Him.

2- Juggling Life –We learn in the Denver Post article that Blackmon is also a juggler.  When I learned how to juggle, I would watch my friend and instructor Darren Collins  start some of his shows by asking the audience (mostly kids) to say “Praise God” in the event that Darren would drop a ball (or whatever he happened to be juggling).  Why?  Because we are not perfect and each time our imperfection shows, we can be reminded that God loves us and offers us forgiveness.  Each mistake we make gives God an opportunity to remind us of how amazing his grace, love and forgiveness is.  We all have some juggling to do in this life, with work, parenting, family, finances, serving others.  We are bound to drop the ball over and over again.  Praise God that He loves us and offers us forgiveness and restoration.


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