Around the World Cup – Round of 8 –

We are down to the round of 8 at the World Cup. This event has really reminded me how much fun elite soccer is to watch. I have really enjoyed the tournament and look forward to the remaining games. It has been very fun to see the Russian team exceed expectations in front of their hometown fans. And if you missed it, check out this post I wrote about Alexandr Samedov, a Christian on the Russian National team.  Today, I present a collection of players who play today in Russia, one from each team. I hope you enjoy their stories and the action as it resumes again in the quarterfinals.


Edinson Cavani – Striker

Cavani scores his second goal of the game against Portugal, sending Uruguay to their game against France in the Quarterfinals.

Cavani is playing in his 3rd World Cup and 7th international tournament for Uruguay. He has played over 100 games for Uruguay’s national team and has scored more than 40 goals. He has had a great tournament so far, netting 3 goals in his team’s 4 games. When not plying his trade for his homeland, he plays professionally with Paris St-Germaine where he has scored 116 times in 165 games over 5 seasons. Altogether as a pro, he has scored 323 goals in 530 games over 13 seasons. He is definitely one that defenders will need to keep tabs on during today’s game. But for Cavani, he plays for a reason greater than his own acclaim. According to this article from Sports Spectrum, Cavani plays to honor Christ. He says “That’s why I play for Him, to give Him glory, to thank Him for giving me the ability to play football … for giving me that divine gift that I am trying to manage more and more. We belong to the Evangelical church…I read the Bible every day, study it, and share with my wife the blessings of faith.”  And with the success comes temptations of fame and fortune. According to the Guardian, Cavani says that faith is important in helping him battle these temptations. He says “Football puts everything at your fingertips… Faith really helped me realise that the temptations that you have on hand will give you joy, enjoyment, whatever, but only for a short while. And after that it is all gloom.” Will Cavani and La Celeste continue to march toward the final? To do so, they will have to defeat…


France’s Giroud’s tattoo of the 23rd Psalm in Latin. The devout Catholic says faith is important to him.

Olivier Giroud

Just 5 1/2 months older than Cavani is Olivier Giroud, striker for France. Giroud has played over 75 matches for France, scoring 38 goals. As a pro, he plays for Chelsea, after playing for a number of years with Arsenal. Overall, he has scored 201 goals in 482 games. Giroud is a devout Catholic who wears his faith on his sleeve in the form of a tattoo of the 23rd Psalm written in Latin. When asked about it, Giroud saysI grew up with Christian values and I have always felt security conforming to them. These serious words on my arm to reassure me, I know that if I need something, help, I can pray. I have prayed in the middle of a match. Sometimes, when things aren’t going as well as you would like, you ask the help of Jesus. That helps me concentrate again. To focus on what is important. Speaking to him allows me to clear my head. It only lasts a few seconds but it enables me to get rid of my frustration.” The winner of this game will move on to play against the winner of today’s second game between


Alisson Becker – GK

Alisson Becker, GK for Brazil has 3 clean sheets in 4 games this World Cup. Will he help Brazil secure another World Cup title?

Brazil is not known for their goalkeepers. Their history lies mostly in their long list of scorers. Names like Pele, Ronaldo, Kaka and Neymar are known and feared by many throughout the history of the game. But Alisson Becker is making a name for himself with his play in the Italian League with Roma. At the World Cup, he has played all 4 games, allowing only 1 goal along the way to 3 clean sheets. The 25 year-old keeper, when he learned about his spot on the National Team, took to social media with the exciting news. He wrote “Very happy to receive the opportunity to defend my country in a world cup! Realization of a dream!!!! Now it is go in search of hexa !!!!! Glory to God!! AB1 God in control worldcup2018″. And in a Q&A session with fans, the Roma goalkeeper shared his thoughts about God’s place in his career. He says “I think faith is important too. If you believe in God, you know you have to do your best on the pitch and put love into everything you do in life.”  And if you really want to see how likable a guy Alisson is, check out this article he wrote for the Player’s Tribune about his brother. Very cool!

Will the Brazilian firepower, and Alisson’s skills in goal be enough to stop the potent offense from…


Christian Banteke – striker

Belgian striker Christian Banteke celebrates goals by pointing to heaven in tribute to God. Will he be pointing heavenward as Belgium takes on Brazil?

27 year old Nigerian-born Belgian striker Christian Banteke is no stranger to scoring goals. He has bulged the twine 126 times in his 347 career professional games. And in international play, he has another 12 goals in 32 games. And when he does score, he celebrates with by pointing to the sky. As you can read in this article from Aston Vila FC, his point is a tribute to God and his faith. He says  “I do the celebration because I believe in God. So when I score the first thing I have to do is say thank-you to him. He has given me the power to score. I am a very religious person. I pray before the game and I pray after the game too…Before each match I pray to him to … look after everyone. Before we are footballers, we are men, we are people together.” This time around, he will be praying for his Belgian teammates and for his Brazilian opponents. I appreciate his sportsmanship, the other team is not the enemy, they are simply people like him, playing for the same goal.

Who will survive to play in the semi-finals? Enjoy the games everyone!


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