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Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin III drafted 100 picks apart by the `Skins in 2012

Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin III drafted 100 picks apart by the `Skins in 2012

Imagine if you will that you have played well enough as a college quarterback to work your way up several draft boards, and pundits have predicted that you will be a second or third round pick.  Imagine the excitement as draft weekend arrives and you wait anxiously by your phone, considering all the teams that you have talked to and worked out for over the previous months.  Now imagine that your phone finally rings, your dream has come true and you are drafted.  Exciting times right?  Ready to show everyone that you deserve this and are ready to compete.

Wait a minute.  The team that drafted you has already drafted a quarterback – a high profile pick after making a splash to trade up in the first round to pick number 2.  This is not a situation where you will go and bide your time, waiting for an old vet to retire and hand you the reigns.  Now how do you feel?  That is the draft day story of Kirk Cousins.  Drafted by the Redskins with the 102nd pick (100 picks after Robert Griffin III)  But over and over again, you can hear him say that while his path may not have gone as he would have planned, it is God’s plan that he wants to follow most of all.  Check out this video that CBN did:

Cousins book, released last June, talks about God's plan leading him,

Cousins book, released last June, talks about God’s plan leading him,

Cousins grew up as a pastor’s son in Michigan.  He talks about taking ownership of his faith in high school and being proactive about surrounding himself with fellow believers when he went to college at Michigan State.  He shares the journey of his life in a book that was released earlier this year called “Game Changer”.  I have not yet read this book, but plan to in the near future.

Here is a video from Athletes in Action “Beyond the Ultimate” where Cousins discusses his time at Michigan State and some of his thoughts on football and his faith journey.

Here are some points to ponder from Cousins story:

1- God’s plan and our platform – Over and over again in the first video, Cousins and the reporter say some variation of “God has a plan”.  It may not have been Cousins plan, but it turned out better each time.  There is an old children’s song called “Count your Blessings”  The chorus ends with the words “Count your blessings, name them one by one.  Count your many blessings see what God has done”  That is a great practice for all of us.  If we really stop to consider the way God has worked in our lives – the hard things that have taught us to depend on Him; the amazing things that we have seen and experienced;  the places we find ourselves and the roads that have brought us there.  In all these things, we can see that God’s plan is best and that he puts us in places where we can share what He is doing in our lives.  So friends, I invite you to stop, count your blessings and see what God has done and is doing in your life.

2- Share no matter what.  – I like that Cousins says that no matter if he is the starting QB, the third stringer or even out of football all together, he desires to have an influence on the people around him.  God has brought each of us to where we are and while it may not be where we think we should be – we may not be living our best dream as reality, but God is still worthy of our loyalty and trust.  We can believe that he has us where He wants us to be and we are still called to share His love and message with all the world

3- Passing on the message – Cousins talked about a quarterback being a leader, leading others in the game – even others that may be older than him.  He talks about how part of his role as QB is to take the coaches message – the next play – and sharing it with the others in the huddle so they have a greater chance at being successful.  I thought about how, as Christians, we all play the role of the quarterback in that we have a message to share with the others around us.  We have been given this message, and it is vital that we communicate it clearly so that others can follow the game plan and know the ultimate success.  How clearly are you communicating the message of God’s love the the world around you?  Let’s strive to speak clearly about who we know God is, so that others may come to know Him, too.


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