Believers in Baseball – Stories of Faith from the Diamond – Mark Teixeira – New York Yankees

Well, as I have said on a few occasions on this blog,  I am a Red Sox fan – and so, since it is my goal to talk about at least 1 player from each MLB team (I gotta be at least as fair as the All-Star game right?!) I will have to, at some point, focus on a New York Yankee.  This is that time – get it out of the way early.

Mark Teixeira - Yankee's firstbaseman

But in all seriousness, Mark Teixeira is one of those guys that just exudes “nice”.  He always seems to be smiling and having a good time and the more stories I see and hear about him, the more likable I find him. I wrote about him a little when I blogged about PGA golfer Ben Crane) There are a few others on the Yankees, too.  I’ve blogged about Eric Chavez, Brett Gardner and Mariano Rivera.  Don’t tell anyone in Red Sox nation that I speaking so kindly about members of the Yankees or they will revoke my “fan” citizenship.

But decide for yourself.  Here is a video that the wonderful people at Sharing the Victory Magazine  put together of Teixeira and his faith and thoughts of playing baseball in New York, and what he wants his legacy to be at the end of his career.

Check it out:


Some thoughts that I had from this piece.

1- Preparation is important but doesn’t always  mean success as we see it.

Teixeira talks about how important it is for him to be ready to play and to play hard every day.  To do this, there is practice, taking care of himself, focus, working out and training, and involves sacrifice, perseverance and dedication.  Then in the next sentence he is talking about how the results are sometimes there and sometimes not.  We have our idea of what we think we want to happen and what would be “ideal” for us in our lives.  But it doesn’t always go the way we want.  Our dedication and preparation is important (commitment to following God – reading our Bible and applying it to our lives) and our attitude when things don’t go as we want them to all demonstrate the importance God is playing in our lives.

Teixeira - a True Bronx Bomber

 2- Playing for the Yankees – The Yankees are one of the most well known sport franchises in the world.  As you travel from city to city in North America, you tend to see the “home” team in each town represented the most in memorabilia but not far down the list, anywhere you go, you will find the Yankees.  There are NY caps everywhere you go. They are a storied franchise and the history that they have does bring a certain nostalgia and mystique to the game.  Fans of any team will identify themselves with the team by the clothes, hats etc. that they will wear.  As Christians, we choose to identify ourselves with Christ.  Is that allegiance clear for all to see wherever we go?



3-” I always have a place in his kingdom”  That is one of my favorite parts of being a Christian.  We always struggle and battle to find a place to belong and to fit in.  In pro sports, at first, you battle to get a job, and then you spend the rest of your career battling to keep that job, because the team is already on the lookout for someone to replace you.  Many athletes will retire at the end of their careers on their own terms, but just as many are forced into retirement because they have lost their job to someone else.  They hope to catch on with another team, but sometimes, the phone just doesn’t ring and there isn’t a place for you anywhere.  God’s kingdom always has room, your never lose your spot.

Teixeira has been a star for many years on the Baseball field.  He also is a bright light that shines God’s love and message to those around him.  I am grateful for that and wish him many more opportunities to share his love for God with others.



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