Christians in the NFL – Lessons Learned from Justin Forsett – Seattle Seahawks

This is the 13th installment in my blog series on Christians in the NFL.  Today, we head to Seattle to check out the story of their Jack-of-all-trades running back, Justin Forsett.

Forsett may not be a household name, although I did have him save my team a few times when I had him on my fantasy team a couple years ago.  Now he is looking for touches in a full backfield with one of his best friends and former college teammate Marshawn Lynch and Leon Washington.  So with plenty of competition for touches and work, Forsett must keep sharing the load and waiting for his chance to shine.

This is not the first adversity that Forsett has him everywhere he goes.  In fact, it seems to
follow him everywhere he goes.  He now embraces the challenges he faces, as you can read here

Some thoughts and lessons that I take from his story.

1- Being a team player and playing your role – Forsett is not the feature back on his Seahawk team.  He is not the only punt/kick returner either.  But he is an important part of the team and plays a roll that helps his team be as successful as possible.  He does a little bit of a lot of things.  He returns some kicks/punts, he catches some passes, he rushes the ball some, he blocks some.  He has learned to be effective in many areas and can fill many needs, depending on what the situation calls for.  
    What is your role where you are? Are you willing to do the little things that will further the mission/ministry that God has placed you in.  Are you willing to do the small, thankless things that will help others spread God’s word?  We are not in competition with each other in the world of telling others about God.  We have lots of roles that we can play.  Some will look like they are of greater importance, but just like the 95 yard touchdown pass that makes the QB and receiver look spectacular won’t happen if the opposing players are not blocked properly, an effective and vibrant ministry needs people doing the behind the scenes work to help everything to run smoothly.  Take some time this week and encourage people that you know are working the thankless tasks and behind the scenes chores that help ministry (and life in general) flow more smoothly.

2a- If God is central, all challenges can be faced – Hearing, as Forsett did repeatedly, that you are too small and unable to do this or that can weigh you down.  The devil loves to play the doubt game in our minds.  He will constantly surround us with people (ourselves included) that tell us over and over that we are useless.  We hear about all of our shortcomings and about how we shouldn’t even bother trying to accomplish anything because we will fail! fail! fail!  But God sent Jesus to die for our sins to show one thing.  That He does not consider us worthless.  The opposite is true.   He sees us as valuable enough that He went to great lengths just to offer us a way that we could be with Him.

2b- There will be times that we will fail.  What will we do with that?  Will we listen to Satan and stop trying, give up and shut down?  Or will we learn from our failures, refocus of God’s leading, and grow more dependent on Him to help us.  I have a friend who teaches top level science at a High School.  His class is routinely filled with smart people who have never failed a test in all of their schooling.  On one of the first days, he gives them a quiz that most fail.  He then challenges them to a: know that they don’t yet have it all figured out and still have some things to learn, and b: decide how they are going to deal with failure – shut down or bear down.  Stop trying, or try harder.  There are great life lessons here.  How well do you deal with failure and rejection?  How can draw closer to God in times of failure and struggle?  How can you depend on Him to persevere?  Figuring out these answers will go a long way to making Satan’s attacks ineffective in your life.

One of the places where I saw people attacking Forsett is in the area of his marriage.  For his first anniversary, he wrote a song and made a video for his wife.  You can watch it below.  The website that I found it on, (and choose not to link to) though, had a lot of negative things to say, not about Forsett necessarily, but kind of.  It criticized the song and doubted that his marriage would last for 40 years.  I am not sure if it was a comment of Forsett or about marriage in general, but from the other article I linked to, I know that if people are telling Forsett that he can’t.  He will go to great lengths to prove that he CAN!



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