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Steph at the hood of the Freedom Truck

So I tried to put together a Throwback Thursday post last night, but it has been a crazy week and I simply didn’t get one done. So I’m sure you are wondering what happened to keep me from posting about an historical member of the Kansas City Royals, let me tell you what’s been going on in our life lately.  In my last blog post, I spoke about some wives of major league baseball players and coaches and the important role they play in the lives of their Major League husbands. I also talked about my amazing wife and the support that she gives me.  She is an amazing marriage and parenting partner, my best friend.  I could not have dreamed of a better person to go on this adventure of life with than Steph. So I’m going to use my platform here to share with you what she is up to and to support and encourage the things that she (and by extension, we) have been called to do.

Allow me to introduce you to “Freedom Truck” operated by Stories Foundation.

A Milestone in Stories Foundation – my wife’s non-profit organization.

Click here to check out the Stories Foundation website and learn more about their mission.

The story is this. My wife and her parents were road tripping to a wedding in 2012. On the way, she was reading (aloud) the book Passport Through Darkness, which opened her eyes to the issue of modern day slavery. It also ignited in her a desire to do something, but what? The answer was a coffee shop – a place where the community could meet, enjoy good food, and the proceeds would go to organizations that are battling human trafficking.  The journey has led us to this point so far – a food truck that will raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking, share the mission of Stories Foundation and raise money for organizations that are battling against human trafficking. There has been a lot of prayer, fund raising, planning and changing plans, hope, struggle, vision casting, victories and hurdles.  And God’s presence has been tangible all along the way.  We are not at the finish line yet – there is so much more that is stirring in our hearts and we see potential for the big dreams we have and beyond. We are simply striving to follow God on His path for this foundation.

For me, it has been difficult to wrap my head around how widespread an issue it is.  Even having written posts about athletes who are actively working to battle human trafficking around the world, to hear Steph share the things she is learning about how it is truly a global issue, affecting far away corners of the earth as well as our own streets and neighborhoods, it still breaks my heart to learn how frequently and deeply people will take advantage of others.

Check out my posts on athletes who have been advocates for the cause of combatting human trafficking.  R.A. Dickey, Jeremy Affeldt, Blaine Boyer,  (read this article about his work in battling human trafficking) Adam LaRoche who went with Boyer on rescue missions with Exodus Road. And David Luiz, a soccer player who spoke out about sex slavery and the Olympics  ]

Last night was the 2nd annual SuperHero5k.

Last night was the official launch of the food truck and the second annual fund raising 5k. Our journey will continue as we seek to play a part in loving our neighbor (Luke 10) and setting captives free (Isaiah 61.1).  Huge thanks to all who came and participated and those who have encouraged us along the way. I am excited for what the future holds, but we are still in need of help to make this project happen.  For more information on what you can do to help, please check out the website, follow stories foundation on Twitter and Facebook and most of all, pray that God will help us follow where He is leading so He can use us to accomplish His purpose.




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