Faith at the World Series – Mets Versus Royals

One of the things that I have learned since I started this blog is that CBN (Christian Broadcast Network) does a feature on Christian playing in the World Series and in the Super Bowl.  This years video has just been released, but there is a problem with the “embed” code.  I will continue to look for it, but you can click on this link to check it out until I am able to embed it.

From the Kansas City Royals, they focus on:


Royals Infielder Ben Zobrist


Backup Catcher Drew Butera


Pitcher Luke Hochevar


Pitcher Ryan Madson

Infielder Ben Zobrist – Zobrist was the focus of my blog post in June 2011.  I am really excited to see him get a chance to win a championship title.  My post was about how he came to faith in God at a young age and sees it as his responsibility to represent Christ in all he does.  He speaks on the video that despite the fame and attention that they get, they are no more important than anyone else and at the end of the day, he is just a husband, a dad and most importantly, a follower of Christ.  He and his wife Julianna are expecting their third child in the next couple of weeks.

Relief Pitcher Ryan Madson – Madson was the focus of a blog post this past July.  It is amazing that Madson finds himself in the World Series right now.  Before this season, Madson last pitched in the majors in 2011.  After suffering through injuries, and finding himself on the verge of retirement, mentoring a high school prospect.  From there came the itch to try a comeback. Kansas City gave him a chance and he responded by having one of his best seasons, setting personal bests with E.RA, and WHIP.  He has been a key member of the Royals fantastic Bull Pen.  What an unlikely story.  World Series title would be great icing to this cake!

Pitcher Luke Hochevar – I have been hearing and reading about Luke Hochevar for a few years now, but I have not yet written about his faith story. Here is a link to a Baptist Press article about him.  He has played an important role in the Royals post-season bullpen.


Royals GM Dayton Moore

Catcher Drew Butera – Another player that has been on my radar for a couple of years, Butera used to play for my hometown Twins.  He has also spent time with the Dodgers and Angels. He is the son of Sal Butera who played for 5 different teams in the `70s and `80s.  Here is an article from National Catholic Register where Butera discusses his faith in God among other things.  I remember having his dad’s baseball cards in my collection.

General Manager Dayton Moore – He was not featured in the video, but I did blog about him in July 2012, so I thought I would add him to this feature.  He is largely responsible for putting this great team together.

And as the Royals look for their first World Series in 30 years, they are battling the New York Mets who have not won a championship in 29 years.  Let’s take a look at the members of the Mets who are featured in the  CBN video.


Mets Closer Jeurys Familia


Outfielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis


Infielder Daniel Murphy


Outfielder Curtis Granderson


Rookie Pitcher Steven Matz

Kirk Nieuwenhuis – Nieuwenhuis was the focus of my blog at the end of September.  He discussed the importance of having others who can help us in our faith walk.

Daniel Murphy – Murphy has been the Mets post season hero this year.  Here is the post that I wrote about him last season after he stirred up the sports talk radio world by choosing to be with his wife at the birth of their first child, skipping the Mets opening day game.  He became a hero of mine then and this post season has been fun to watch as he has lit up opposing pitching (at least until he met up with the Royals stingy staff)

Curtis Granderson – This is the first time that I have come across Granderson’s belief in God as he discusses how everything is from God.

Jeurys Familia – Same thing for Familia.

Steven Matz – Matz has been on my blog radar since last summer.  Here is his twitter account where there are some occasional expressions of faith in God.

This could be the last night of the baseball season.  It has been a good one.  Enjoy the end of the World Series. Once more, here is the Link to the CBN feature



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