Great Moments in World Series History – Albert Pujols – Game 3 – 2011

One of Pujols 3 home runs in game 3 of the 2011 World Series

Last week, I wrote a post about Reggie Jackson and his 3 home runs in the deciding game 6 in the 1977 World Series.  It was truly an amazing showcase of power.  The record of three home runs in a World Series game was matched a couple years ago by Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals.  He is the focus of this post (see Cardinals fans – even though I hope my Red Sox will win the championship – I can tip my hat to the Redbirds history and great moments, too) This showcase was just part of an amazing World Series for Pujols and the Cardinals.

In case you missed it, here are the bombs Pujols hit.  All of them were no-doubters!

Now, I know that Pujols broke the hearts of the Cardinals by leaving as a free agent just a couple months later, but he also led them to two World Series titles in three years.  Despite being draft pick number four hundred and something in 1999, he has put up amazing if not Hall of Fame worthy numbers.  He also has a cool story about coming to faith in God, and starting the Pujols Family Foundation which serves children with Down’s Syndrome and their families as well as poverty in Dominican Republic.    Check out this video from I am Second.

Some thoughts that the video brought to mind

1- Sacrifice of the Father –

Pujols talks about his family selling things at the pawn shop so they could buy rice to eat, and his father borrowing money to buy baseball equipment for Pujols to use. As a dad, I know that I love to do things for my kids.  To give them a chance to have fun, or learn something new – it is worth a lot for me to provide that for them.  God, our Heavenly Father sacrificed his Son so that our sins could be forgiven and we could be given the opportunity to spend eternity in heaven.  Having kids of my own helps me understand that I didn’t truly appreciate the sacrifices my earthly father made for me – and challenges me to be more understanding and appreciative of the Sacrifice my Heavenly Father made so I could be with Him.  Pujols honored his father’s sacrifice by excelling at baseball.  I am challenged to honor my Heavenly Father’s sacrifice by living my life devoted to Him.

Albert and Deidre Pujols and family

2- “What is the Most Important thing in your Life?

This is the question Albert Pujols greets base runners from other teams that stop at first base.  He uses the opportunity to challenge others to remember that life is about more than just the game of baseball – For those of us who are not baseball players, we can ask ourselves the same question.  What is the most important thing in our life? There is more to life then our job, our things, our status. This life is hard.  The challenges that it brings can really tear us down.  The victories that we have are oh so temporary.  And if our life’s purpose is wrapped up in our job, our stuff, even our family, then  we quickly find ourselves lacking a feeling of joy and fulfillment.  That is only found in knowing Christ.  Pujols goes on to say that he does not want to be remembered as a baseball player or for the things that he does on the field, special as they may be (watch the first video again).  He wants to be a Godly father and Husband, someone who is passionate about God and wants to help others know Him, too.

I pray that these are the things that we all strive for, because in the end, growing closer to God and drawing others to know Him too is truly all that matters.


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