Play Ball! Jeremy Affeldt

OK, bonus coverage time.  This is part 3 in my series about Christian Baseball players. The plan is to share the story of at least one player on each big league team in the coming weeks.  So far, I have been writing about players in the Western Division of each league.  I have already shared a story of a member of the San Francisco Giants, but hey,  I found another great representation of God’s work being carried out by another member of the Giants pitching staff, and so I want to draw your attention to it as well.

Jeremy Affeldt has been in the majors for about 10 years and has pitched for 4 different teams.   From his blog, in his words:

I have an organization called Generation Alive! that focuses on my heart’s passion: seeing youth learn about the love of Jesus.  I read and study a lot about global problems of poverty and slavery, and I want to stir a movement.  I want to see all the churches in America devote themselves in faith to ending these injustices.
I know we can do it.  If God shows you a problem, he also shows you how to fix it.  Join me in making this movement real.
To check out more of his heart, and what he is up to, including a recent CNN interview about his passion to combat child slavery, check out his website/blog.



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