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This is the 20th installment in my series featuring Christian Baseball players.  Today, we will take a look at Atlanta Braves starting pitcher – Tim Hudson.

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Yesterday was Tim Hudson’s birthday.  I know this because it is also my birthday.  I thought it would be fitting to share his story and something that we have in common besides our birthday – wives that share our love for God and call to minister to others.

Hudson’s road to the majors was a wild ride.  He was an afterthought to recruiters in high school, deemed to be too small, despite being the best pitcher on his state championship winning team.  He moved on to community college and lead the baseball team there to a state championship.  Finally he was offered a scholarship to play at Auburn.  Success followed him to college too, as he was the 1997 college player of the year.  The Oakland A’s drafted him and in 1999 he made his major league debut.  His persistence and talent overcame the fear that he was undersized.

Over his 12 year major league career, Hudson has put up very respectable statistics, winning 80 more games than he has lost, and only twice has his earned run average been over 4.00.  He has proved that an “undersized” pitcher can do well in the majors.
There have been some struggles. In 2008, he began to feel tightness in the elbow of his throwing arm.  He was losing velocity and was examined by the team doctor.  The prognosis was not encouraging.  He would need ligament replacement (Tommy John) surgery.  This injury would cost him more than a year to recover and rehab, and there would be no guarantee that he would be the pitcher that he had been before.

The Hudson Family, Tim, Kim and
their 3 kids

But the right-hander’s come back was quite successful – Hudson was the 2010 comeback player of the year in the National League.  Guideposts Magazine ran an article that he wrote himself about his return to baseball from injury.  I really resonate with the role that his wife played in this process.  She was his encourager, his place to vent,  to share concerns and frustrations, and his cheer leader when he was healing and rehabbing.  She was also there to remind him that in the end, the outcome of the whole injury and rehab is ultimately in God’s hands.

It is so great to see the partnership that happens in a marriage.  The Hudsons are not an exclusive case, I’m sure lots of players in MLB partner with their wives to impact the lives of others. But this story reminds us that God brings people together in a marriage partnership to help each other out in hard times, to rejoice together in successes and above all else, to keep each other looking to God.  God is in control and whatever happens, good or bad, God can use to teach us more about Him, and to further His kingdom.

Even rehabbing from injury.

In 1999, a chance encounter with the Make-a-Wish foundation at a restaurant placed the idea in the minds and hearts of the Hudsons to help families in need. They established a working relationship with the Make-A-Wish foundation.   Still they felt called to do more.  As Hudson was recovering from his injury, he and his wife had enough time to organize and create their own foundation.  You can read the story about the start of their foundation here.  And take a moment to visit the Hudson Family Foundation web site here to learn more.

 I have been blessed in my own life with an amazing, godly wife, who is my partner in ministry. (we served as missionaries for 3 years and now we lead the 5th and 6th grade youth group at our church) She is also my encourager, my ear to vent to, and my cheerleader, and helps us as a family keep our focus on God and our eyes open to see him at work in our lives.  Steph is currently on a mission trip in Jamaica and I am excited to hear about all the great things that He has been doing during their week of ministry there.  Take a moment to check out her blog at  Sharing the Pages of Life.

Tim and Kim Hudson and their family have seen God work in their lives, and work through them to touch the lives of countless others.  I am grateful for their work and for their desire to touch lives for God. And I am grateful for my wife, Steph and look forward to years and years of ministering together and touching lives for God, too.

Happy 36th Birthday Tim Hudson!



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