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A quick look at NCAA football shows that the Alabama Crimson Tide are rolling over competition in the BCS.  In the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars owner just apologized for how embarrassingly bad they’ve played this season.  The debate has been raging over the past week – who would win between them, were they ever to play a game against each other.  I for one, do not believe that the game would even be close.  I think the Jaguars would roll the Tide away, and win comfortably.  Some say no way, and cite that there will be 15-20 members of the Tide that will be future NFLers.  But the Jaguars have a roster of 53 current NFLers.  I think it would be a very one-sided game.  Feel free to share your thoughts!

You see, at every step along the way, the game of football gets more complicated.  There is a difference between my friends and I getting together for a game of pick-up football on a Saturday afternoon and playing high school football.  There is a big difference between high school and college, and there is a big difference between the college and the pros.

Colin Kaepernick - San Francisco 49ers QB

Colin Kaepernick was drafted in the second round of the 2011 draft.  The 49ers traded up 9 picks to take him 36th overall.  He is now used as a change of pace quarterback in a “wildcat” type set and has shown flashes of his potential (including a 70+ yard TD run in a pre season game against the Vikings. Coming from University of Nevada Reno – not known for its NFL playing alumni, he turned heads with his passing and his running ability.  

Check out this article about San Francisco 49ers back up QB Colin Kaepernick sharing his faith at Summit Christian Church.  In the article, he also talks about the differences between college and the pros – the Long days that he puts in and the amount that he has had to learn.  This difference is part of

Kaepernick's first regular season TD vs. the Jets

the reason why there are so many that do well at college, but struggle in the pros. It takes a lot of work, willingness to admit that you still have a lot to learn, and a desire to do whatever it takes to be successful.

You can also hear more about it in this video, where Kaepernick, and Broncos Tight End Virgil Green talk about their faith and life in the NFL.  The sound quality is lacking at times, but there is some good insights, too.

Our Christian life is also requires work and effort.  Growing up in the church, I was familiar with many of the verses in the Bible.  There were times that I felt I knew it all.  I knew what lesson I was supposed to take from a particular story, I felt comfortable in what I knew, and I eventually grew bored of hearing the same old story.  There are people like me in almost every church and youth group,  The ones that grew up going to everything the church was offering,  hearing the same stories over and over again, and thinking that they had God all figured out.

But, Now I have learned that the more I study God’s word –  the stories that I thought I knew,  I find  that there is still more to take away every time I open my Bible.  The basic football fan can tell you the rules of the game, and some basic strategies.  But each team has a thick playbook full of very specific responsibilities and assignments.  If something is missed, then the play falls apart. The playbook must be studied and mastered.   The same is true of our “playbook” the Bible.  We can identify the passage, but the more we look into it, understand the context of what is going on, we begin to understand who God is, and the plan that he has.  So let’s understand that we will never have God all figured out, and there will always be more truths that we can pick out of the stories of scripture.  Let’s put in the work, so we can grow in our knowledge of God every day.




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