Unleash – By Perry Noble – a book review

Rev. Perry Noble - pastor of New Spring Church, author of Unleash

Perry Noble has released his first book Unleash.  It reached bookstore shelves earlier this week and releases to Amazon and other on-line booksellers today.  Andy Stanley, in the forward, brings us to the question that is at the center of Unleash:

“If God, the Creator of the universe, created us on purpose, with a purpose, and for a purpose, then why in the world would we be
willing to settle for anything less?”

It seems like a simple enough concept and a no-brainer question to answer – Who in their right mind would not want the absolute best for their life.  But the hard part comes when we start to understand that we don’t always have the inner track on what the best is for our life.  We can allow our goals, agendas and plans to cloud things up to the point where we either stop and coast settling for “good enough”, or fumble around looking for anything to grasp on to and follow.  And all along, the absolute best plan for our lives lies with the very One who gave us the life in the first place.  The eternal, unchanging God.

And while it seems like a simple question to answer, finding the answers forces us to go deep into where we are from,  that we are brought to by answering that question honestly are great.  We begin to peel back the layers of why we settle for less, and whether we even realize that we do settle. What we find is that we, in general, live a fairly leashed, tame life compared to what God has in store for us.  

Perry Noble digs into the life of David to bring out truths from God’s Word that are relevant and applicable to our situation.  There is a lot of pieces of David’s story that I’ve skimmed over with familiarity.  But Noble leads us to look at some of the details of the story talked about in ways that I had never thought of before.  I love, for example, the fact that David had this great, amazing life. The stories are well known, but we see at the start of the tale that going on this crazy adventure wasn’t something special David was pursuing.  He was just living life one day, a day that seemed like any other, until God showed up and gave David an opportunity to step into an amazing adventure.  David simply had to take the opportunity. And as David followed God, more and more opportunities to do amazing things to honor God presented themselves.

What does your life adventure look like?  Are you aware of the opportunities God has placed in front of you?  Are you ready to walk into the plan that He has for you (here’s a hint – it is the BEST plan!).  Are you ready to live a wild, unleashed life for Christ?

My prayer is that each day, we will be exactly that – unleashed, bold and ready to go wherever God leads.

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This book is both challenging and encouraging.  Go find a copy to read today!


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