Pressure – The Bichette Family – Dante Sr., Dante Jr., and Bo

The Bichettes – Dante Jr, Mariana, Bo and Dante Sr circa 2011. Faith and Baseball are big parts of this family.

I’m a long time baseball fan. Long enough that several of the players that I grew up watching now have kids playing professional baseball. I have blogged about some some multi-generation pro athletes (the Slaters, the Kupps, the Geoffrions, the McCullers, the Tollesons and the Ingrams).  If there is “pressure” to succeed as a professional athlete, I imagine it increases when your last name carries with it a pedigree of a professional athlete like a parent and in some cases a grandparent, too. Today’s story will share the tale of a father and his two sons who have made baseball their vocational pursuit.  Today, Let’s meet the Bichette family.

The Blake Street Bombers Clockwise from bottom, Galarraga, Dante Bichette,  Walker, Castilla.Dante Bichette Sr. was a 17th round draft pick by the (then) California Angels in 1984.  He made his Major League debut with them in 1988, splitting the next 3 seasons between them and their AAA affiliate in Edmonton. A trade sent him to Milwaukee for 2 seasons, and another one brought Dante to Colorado to join the expansion Rockies. And with the Rockies, Bichette flourished. He hit the team’s first home run in regular season history, and in his 7 seasons with the Rockies, he was a massive threat, hitting .316, with over 200 home runs, and more than 100 stolen bases. He went to 4 All-Star games, finished 2nd in 1995 MVP voting, had a 30-30 season and won a Silver Slugger award. After stints with the Reds and Red Sox he retired in 2001. In all, Bichette Sr. played in over 1,700 Big League games.

And Bichette knew pressure. He felt it as a player, he felt it when speaking to the media, he felt it as a Christian, to be a role model for others to look up to, and he felt it as a father. He says “But sometimes, the pressure is overwhelming. That’s when I rely on God. I’ve learned that every time I’m done, when I seem to have no one to turn to, God is always there. I pick up the Bible and find direction and focus, and hope, when I thought there was none, or at least when I had lost sight of it.”

Dante Bichette Jr.

Dante Jr.’s career has not led him to the Majors yet, but it did bring him to the Twin Cities to play for the Saints.

Bichette Jr. was drafted in the first round of the 2011 draft by the New York Yankees. He is compared to his father – similar build and similar skills. But Bichette Jr has struggled some in his route to the Majors. After 5 seasons in the Yankees system, he became a free agent in 2017. The Rockies signed him in 2017, but released him at the end of Spring Training.  He spent the 2018 season here in the Twin Cities with the St. Paul Saints where he put up respectable stats. This year, he joins the Washington Nationals and is  playing with their AA afiliate in Harrisburg, PA. At age 26, he is still in pursuit of his Major League dream. He talks about how despite his name, he never felt the pressure to play baseball – but being around it all the time made it a fun part of his life. He even played in the Little League World Series tournament in 2005.

But along the way, he has shared that his relationship with God is an important part of his life and his journey. He says “My relationship with God has become extremely important to me over the past year. I was raised to believe in God, pray every night, try to live like him…etc. But only over this last year have I really taken it upon myself to establish a relationship with him and really dive into his word daily.”

Bo Bichette

Bo has had a record-setting start to his Big League career. He started his career by hitting a double in 9 straight games.

Bo Bichette was drafted by the Blue Jays in the 2nd round of the 2016 draft after a strong High School Career.   Bo flew through the Blue Jays minor league system and made his debut on July 29.  And what a start it was! He began his big league career with an 11 game hitting streak. Bo set new Major League records for quickest-to-reach-10-extra-base-hits, doing so in 9 games and set another MLB record as the only player to ever hit a double in 9 straight games. At this point, in just over 20 games played, Bo is batting .333 with 7 home runs and 2 stolen bases. The Blue Jays seem to like second generation players. Bichette is the third to make his debut for them this year joining Vlad Guererro Jr, and Cavan Biggio. Interesting fact, the Jays also prospect, Griffin Conine, and Kacy Clemens whose dads Jeff and Roger respectively played in the Majors for a number of years.

Bo Bichette also wants people to know that he is a Christian. and while I haven’t found any articles about his faith in particular, his Twitter feed makes frequent reference to bible verses and his faith in God.

My takeaways from the Bichettes.

Pressure – All 3 have known success in baseball at various ages and levels, but they all talk about the importance that God plays in their life. God can handle the pressure no matter how strongly it comes, and with Him at work in our lives, He will help us deal with pressure too. Plus He will remind us of what is important. I think of the story in Luke 10. The disciples have returned from their journeys and have seen many things happen that they are excited about. Jesus reminds them not to get caught up in what they are doing, but instead celebrate that their names are written in Heaven. When we consider all the things that happen in this life, the good and the bad, it is easy to get caught up in that and feel the pressure or revel in the success. But the most important thing is our relationship with God. Putting Him ahead of everything else is always the best choice. Each of the Bichettes share this in one way or other. I am challenged again to do the same.


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