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  1. The LORD JESUS CHRIST saved my soul when I was a young teenager.
    The HOLY SPIRIT convicted my heart,as the evangelist spoke on Ezekiel 38-39. Although I had “prayed a prayer “
    asking CHRIST into my heart as a younger boy,I knew that I had not truly,”believed on the LORD JESUS CHRIST,and truly understood what true,life changing faith in CHRIST really was.
    The LORD called me to the ministry,and I had various positions in different kinds of “full-time”, church ministries.
    It wasn’t until the LORD worked things in my life and I was no longer working as a full-time minister.
    I really thought this was a difficult thing to adjust to,
    But in reality,GOD led me to work in Radio Shack stores,and then for 19-years in 2 different factories.
    HE helped me to realize that I,and all CHRIST FOLLOWERS are ALWAYS FULL-TIME servants.
    HE showed me these jobs were HIS “Mission-Field” for
    me to share the love and salvation found only in CHRIST.
    I had the wonderful blessing to work as a helper in our Youth Department,for 8-10 years overall. Knowing there are STRONG followers of CHRIST in college and pro sports,
    Is a wonderful blessing,for their testimonies can be used of the LORD, to impress on young athletes and teens who enjoy sports, that many athletes are unashamedly,faithful,lovers and followers of CHRIST.
    Thank you for sharing these testimonials from Christian athletes.

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