Baseball Chapel isn’t just an Easter Sunday service

How cool is this. I just posted a blog entry a couple of days ago about Baseball chapel, and here they are again getting a mention in relation to Easter services for Major League teams. They also extend these Chapel services beyond baseball (Nascar is mentioned as is Golf). Torii Hunter of the LA Angels talks about how he very, very rarely misses these services and former Royals manager, and current Dodgers coach Trey Hillman mentions taking the model to Japan when he managed there for a few years. Again, I think this is a cool organization that is truly being “the church” and providing opportunities for faith-building, encouragement, accountability and an opportunity to meet the creator of the world on a regular basis, or for the very first time.
Read the whole article by clicking on the link below. Happy Easter to you all!

Baseball Chapel isn’t just an Easter Sunday service.


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