Conference Finals Throwback pt 4 – Tyler Wong – Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas Golden Knights forward Tyler Wong played in their first ever preseason game and scored their first ever franchise goal.

Now, I know what you are probably thinking. How on earth can I write a throwback post about a player on a team that has existed for less than 1 year.  It is a valid question, and there are no little tricks that I could use, like talking about a player who played for a team that used to be in Las Vegas, like I could have done with Winnipeg. (Unless I wanted to dig into the minor leagues and the Las Vegas Thunder). Maybe that could have worked, but I chose a different route. In some ways, this throwback article goes back the farthest of any of these posts – all the way back to the franchise’s first ever goal – in its first preseason game – a goal scored by undrafted 22-year old rookie Tyler Wong. Maybe you remember the name and the game. Vegas beat the Vancouver Canucks 9-4, and Wong scored three of those goals.  In case you missed it, here is Vegas Golden Knights first ever hat-trick.

Wong played the majority of the 2018-19 season with the Chicago Wolves.

Wong didn’t make the NHL team despite this great first game. He split his season between the Chicago Wolves in the AHL and the Quad City Mallards of the ECHL, scoring a combined 4 goals and 9 points in 60 games. But as you can read in this article from, Wong grew up in a Christian home, but when he left home to play Major Junior Hockey, he struggled to stay devoted to God. The article says “During this time in his life, he felt it difficult to pursue his faith on his own without any other open believers on the team. Noting it was a tough year where he made some mistakes, Wong fell away from his upbringing that season. But come next season, he was determined to mature a bit, and set back on the path he knew he wanted to be on”. He connected with the team chaplain for the Calgary Flames and Stampeders, Jack Knight, who also worked in the same role for several area junior teams.  “Meeting a couple of times a month over coffee in Lethbridge, Wong’s time with Knight was a turning point in his life where he truly committed himself to God. He credits Knight as being the biggest influence in his hockey career.”

Wong was captain of the Lethbridge Hurricanes in the Western Hockey League. He helped grow a chapel group there and vows to do the same anywhere his career takes him.

Knight and Wong built a regular chapel service for the Lethbridge Hurricanes, and Wong saw the number of attendees grow. He plans to continue to build chapel services in wherever his career takes him. He says “It was awesome to see that grow, and to know that (whether) I’m here or wherever, I’ll be able to have that impact to making (chapel) more prominent, where guys aren’t forced to go, but also for guys who are interested they’re able to just go and have no fear of other guys looking down on them,

Wong also wants to extend his influence beyond his teammates. He is very active on Twitter, often sharing a Bible verse or ministry focus in his tweets.  He says “To think hockey is your life, to think hockey is everything, and be able to keep that perspective that we’re blessed to be where we are, we’re blessed to have the abilities, the opportunities to have gotten to where we are today and to just be here right now is an amazing blessing given to us by God. So I think that it’s important for me to be able to use my social media for more than watching funny videos, so I think it’s a good platform for me to use.

Here are my takeaways from Wong’s story:

1- Leaving a Legacy – Last time out, I wrote about Ryan Walter and all the people that he has influenced in his career and in life after hockey. And he came to faith in God due to the influence of teammate Jean Provnovost, who in turn came to faith from the influence of teammate Ed Kea. Wong knew that it was important that he make his faith in God a priority and from that place, grew a chapel group with his Junior team. Wong talked about how he knows that wherever he goes, he wants to help chapel groups and Bible studies grow. This makes me do a quick inventory for myself. What are some ways that I can create opportunities for people around me (neighbors, co-workers, family and friends) to encounter the God who created them, loves them and offers to save them from the penalty that their sins have earned them. It is amazing to think that God could use me to influence many, MANY lives for God’s kingdom. I’m in!

Wong was awarded WHL Humanitarian of the Year 2 years in a row in recognition of his service in the community.

2- Reaching your Community –  Tyler Wong won the  Western Hockey League Humanitarian of the Year award 2 years in a row. I watched a tribute video that Lethbridge Hurricanes put together for Wong, at the end of his career with them. Among the highlights and pictures of Wong we see him and his teammates participating in many community events. There were food drives, hospital visits, and other events that connected with the fans in the area. This continues my first takeaway as well. Our influence can extend beyond the people we are directly in contact with in our daily lives. We can always be on the lookout for ways to serve others. Maybe it is volunteering at a food shelf, or cleaning up, or visiting shut-ins in hospitals or nursing homes.  There are prison outreaches, and loads of volunteer opportunities. The challenge that I take away from this is to be aware and on the lookout for opportunities to serve other people, formally or informally, and then take action. God calls us to follow the example of servitude that Jesus modeled for us. Will you join me?


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