Hard Court Christianity – Men of Faith in the NBA Finals

Well, the NBA finals are upon us and it is time to decide which of the two teams in the finals I hope will hoist the hardware in before the end of the month.  Regardless of whether you are a King James fan or a LeBron hater, there is something to be said about the Heat’s back to back trips to the finals.  Their hunger for a title was left unmet after last years loss to Dallas.  They return this time around, but their path to a title is not any easier.  They play a young, vibrant Thunder team whose core is under 25 but who also have some savvy veteran pieces that give them a “complete team” feel.  So which side are you on?

Kevin Durant OKC Thunder

For me, being a casual NBA fan, therefore, having my allegiances easily swayed, I must admit that I have been won over by the Thunder.  They are so young and energetic, and their brand of basketball is so fun to watch.  Kevin Durant is a superstar already, and not yet 24.  Yet, unlike many in the realm of professional athletics – he is known for his humility that comes from his relationship with God.  Check out this story from Sports Spectrum.  There has been hardship, pain and through it all, opportunity to build his relationship with God and depend on Him for guidance and direction.  He also has been a leader on his young team, even encouraging his teammates to attend chapel services before each game.

You can get more insight from him on his faith in this interview with Chad Bonham at InspiringAthletes.com

Dwayne Wade - Miami Heat


Chad Bonham also did an interview piece on another player in this year’s NBA finals.  Miami Heat perennial All-Star Dwayne Wade.  In this story, we read about the trials that Wade has gone through – on the court as a barely recruited high schooler who would go on to turn heads for Marquette, and off the court with a nasty divorce from his wife, legal troubles his mom went through, his parents relationship splitting up when he was young.  There is a lot of pain and difficulty in his story, but through the hard times, his relationship with God strengthened.  Even when it comes to the commercial aspect of his career, he is up front with his faith.  Check out this ad for Converse, where Wade shares the importance of his faith.

So as the finals start tonight, I am sure that you have picked who you are hoping for.  I think OKC will take it in 6 or 7 games, but I am wrong at least as much as I am right.  It will be an entertaining series no matter what, and with Wade, Durant and others carrying with them the knowledge of who God is and a desire to serve Him faithfully,  God will be glorified which is the best victory of all.


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