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Warriors Guard Stephen Curry

A father’s dream is often that his son will follow in his footsteps.  We all have interests, things that we could effortlessly spend hours doing or even talking about.  To have this common ground is great and can build a strong bond between a parent and their child.  My father and I share an enjoyment of golf and while neither of us will be playing at Augusta National anytime soon, we have had some good times on the golf course or on the driving range.  But that is more of a pastime for both of us – not an all consuming part of our life.

Stephen's Dad Dell played for 16 years in the NBA

Some sons follow in their father’s career path.  That can lead to a close bond, or it can lead to some added pressure.  For example, in the Stephen Curry story, his father, Dell played in the NBA for 16 years.  Stephen grew up around basketball and played the game throughout his childhood.  But despite his father’s successful career, Stephen was passed over by many big name basketball programs at the end of his high school playing days.  He agreed to go play at Davidson and went on to post the second highest point average of any freshman in the nation.  You can read about his story in an interview with Prodigal Magazine here.  The next year, he would lead Davidson on a magical run in the NCAA tournament, leading Davidson to the Elite 8.   You can also check out this article from Sports Spectrum magazine about how injuries have slowed him a little, this far in his career, but that he is still a star in the making.  Earlier this week, Curry scored a career high 54 points in a game against the Knicks.

Curry celebrates some of his 54 points against the Knicks - Feb 2013


My Takaways from this story:

1- God has ways of keeping us humble.

Curry mentions in the Prodigal Interview that if he had played at one of the bigger schools, he likely would have “gotten caught up in the hype and possibly lost my foundation of what I grew up on.”    He had become consumed about where he was going to play.  To not be offered a scholarship at a “big school” program may have been frustrating for Curry at the time, but he has no regrets about playing at Davidson.  He talked about what a great experience he had there.  God knows what He is doing.  Even when we think He has forgotten us, or let us down, it turns out we are in exactly the best situation for us.

2- We have our own life to live

Being the son of an NBA player doesn’t automatically make you an NBA player.  It doesn’t even guarantee you a scholarship at a top school.  You need to get there yourself.  Just like belief in God.  Stephen had to work and earn his way to the NBA.  Being the child of Christian parents does not make you a Christian.  We need to choose to follow God on our own.  As a dad, I wish I could make my kids choose to follow God but it doesn’t work that way.  We each need to make our own choice to follow God or Not.  Joshua, when the Israelites arrived in the promised land, called all the people together and asked them to make up their mind about who they would serve – who would be their God.  The same challenge is issued to each of us today.  As I think about it, my ultimate goal as a dad, is that if my kids are going to follow my footsteps in some way, it is that they would see that I live my life for God and choose to follow God themselves.

For more about Stephen Curry, check out his web site


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