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Well it is British Open time – the third major of the golf year, and this time around, the competition is on at Royal Lytham & St. Anne’s Golf Course in Lancashire, England.  As we reach the weekend, and the cut has been made, lots of big names have missed the cut.  Included among the “casualties of the cut” was Stewart Cink, the subject of today’s post.

PGA golfer Stewart Cink

Cink is originally from Alabama, and has been part of the PGA tour since 1995.  In that time, he has posted 6 wins, including the 2009 British Open.  You can link here to the the highlights of his win there.  It is an interesting story – he won, although 90+% of the gallery (and probably even the world) was rooting against him, simply because he was going against 59 year old Tom Watson, who over the course of the week had won the hearts of the general spectator with his outstanding (and unexpected) run at the title.  As he started dropping shots on the closing holes, the possibility of a playoff grew.

Cink wins the Claret Jug in 2009

And when it  Cink won, people were happy enough for him.  It was easy to find articles like this one that talk about how they are glad, after the fact, that Cink won, but they were cheering for Watson during the playoff.  It also shares the story of how Cink came to decide that he needed Christ in his life.  This time around, as mentioned, he didn’t make it to weekend play, and if you are interested in knowing all about it,  check out his Twitter account – He is very active and has over a million followers.  He shares a lot about what he is doing and about life in general.  As you can read in this article from Sports Spectrum, Cink wants to live a life that draws people in to pick his brain – to “live a life that demands an explanation”.

It’s working.  Check this story about when his integrity was questioned, and how he chose not to act the way he wanted to, but rather to let Christ guide his reaction or check out this blog post from someone whose attention was captured by the way he thanked God after winning the British Open.  The writer mentioned that it seemed a much more refreshing to hear how Cink referenced his faith over how some others do.

The other reason that I chose to feature Cink this week is that he is the one that put together the weekly devotional thoughts on Ben Crane’s website.  Click the link, then click on British Open & True South Classic.

Good thoughts and reflections from Cink.  This wasn’t his year at the British Open, but he will take it all in stride and keep drawing others to Christ.


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