Luke Ridenour – Minnesota Timberwolves

Last week I wrote a post in tribute to my childhood home – Canada.  Today, I would like to share the story of a member of the basketball team in my current home – the Twin Cities, in Minnesota.

The Timberwolves have struggled for relevance in the playoff conversations for a few years now, and while there was hope that things had turned around this year, it is looking more and more like this will not be the year that T’Wolves return to the post season.

Last night was faith & family night at the Target Center, and Luke Ridenour was there to share the story of his faith.  He missed the game winning shot at the end of the game, but won the hearts of the ones that stayed after the game to share his story.  

Check out this podcast interview with Ryan McNeill at  He shares about how he wants to use basketball as a platform to tell people about Jesus and how he hopes to go into full time ministry when his playing days are over.

You can also read this article about him in Beyond the Ultimate.  The article references the verse in 1 Corinthians 4 that talks about keeping your eyes fixed on the eternal.  Luke wants his life, his career and all that he does to be lived for eternity.  Sounds like a great goal to have for all of us.  Let’s look around us to see needs, let’s be genuine with our own faith. Russell Crowe’s character said in the movie Gladiator  “What we do in this life echos in eternity”  That is true for us, too.  By sharing Jesus with others, God can use us to change their life now and for eternity.


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