Olympic Fever – Christians at the London Olympics

Day 3 at the London games are in the books and here is  another installment in my Blog series on Christians Olympians.  This time I will be focusing on some stories that I found at Inspiring Athletes Blog – a great blog on Christian Athletes by Chad Bonham, -a writer,blogger and media specialist based in Oklahoma.  He has done many interviews with Christian Athletes that I have referenced and used in my posts.  I appreciate his work and his heart to share the stories of these athletes, challenging and encouraging us as we read them.

Missy Franklin – U.S. Swimming

Missy Franklin - 2 medals and counting

To start with, let’s look at the new darling of the U.S. swim team – and one who could emerge as the breakout star of these Olympics.  She has already picked up 2 medals and has a chance for 5 more.  At 17 years old we are just starting to hear her name, but with the potential she has showed, we could hear about her for years to come.  What I enjoy about her story is that she is from a small town, and she stayed there.  I grew up in a small town and had some friends that moved away for sports.  I am not saying that that was not the  best thing for them, but as a friend that got left behind, it was hard to watch them move away.  I think it is great that even though the options to move away were likely there, she stayed at home, with her long time coach, and seems to be doing OK for herself.  And as a Canadian, I like that her parents are Canadians living in the U.S.A.  just because they have that in common with me.  Anyway, here is her conversation with Chad Bonham at Inspiring Athletes.

As a side note,  her high school is in Aurora, Colorado.  You can read this article from Breaking Christian News to see her response to the events that transpired there just under 2 weeks ago.

Brady Elison - left and teammates with their silver medals


Brady Ellison – USA mens archery

And other medalist at these 2012 Olympics in London.  Ellison was a member of the  U.S. team that won silver – the first US medal of the games.  Brady Ellison enjoys hunting and got into archery through hunting.  He grew up in church, accepting Christ at a young age.  But not until a car accident did he really connect with Christ and allow Christ to guide his life.  You can check out Ellison’s conversation with Bonham here.



Ryan Hall – U.S. Marathoner

Ryan Hall - 2 time Olympic Marathon Runner

This is an athlete that has been on my radar for a little while.  He  is quite active on Twitter and often shares thoughts about God and life.  As you can read in this conversation with Chad Bonham, Hall sees some parallels between living life for God, and life as an Olympian.  The fact that as an athletes, you come up short more than you succeed and that it is all about getting back up and getting back at it.  There is a good lesson to learn there.  We will mess up daily in this life and fail often, but we also know that God will not give up on us.  I like this quote from Hall in the article.  ” Its not my job to accomplish great things, its my job to stay close to God and to simply be all that He has created me to be. If I do this then the results will be exactly what they are suppose to be and I will accomplish God’s mission for my life”.

Where is your identity found – in success by the world’s standards or by following God even if it looks like failure to others.

Glory of the Games

Great stuff from Inspiring Athletes.  Check it  out for thee and other stories of Christians at the Olympics.   And Check out Bonham’s  book “Glory of the Games” featuring stories of 18 current and former Olympians and their stories of faith


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