Play Ball David Murphy and Brian Wilson

Well, here we go!  Baseball season is upon us and my beloved Red Sox are the talk of the American League with all the changes they made (and money they spent).  It is a long season, but I love the fact that the start is here – another reminder that winter is in the rear view mirror for the next few months. 

This will be the first entry in a series where I will find and share faith stories, encouragement and/or challenges of Christian athletes (specifically Major League Baseball players). 

Sometimes, we need reminders that the people that wear the uniforms and hold their “nation’s” collective hope for success and bragging rights in their hands, are humans too, trying to figure out their way through the adventure of life.  So many people achieve fame and fortune, only to find that these things are not fulfilling.  My goal with these videos and articles that I will link to is to see these men who know that there is more to life than the trappings of the world.  They know that God has gifted them to be pro baseball players, and is asking them to be His witnesses, using the platform their fame provides to tell others about Him. 

First up, we will look at the two league champions that met in last years World Series. 

From the Texas Rangers, I want to share this video from reserve outfielder David Murphy.  I found this quote of his:

“My goal on Earth is not to win a World Series or to be the best baseball player that ever lived. That simply is not up to me because I have to wait and see if it is part of the Lord’s plan. My goal is to follow the Lord and what he wants me to do so that someday I may enter His kingdom and receive everlasting life.”

Check out this video from the World Series press day.

Next, we will look into the other World Series dugout and hear the words of the San Francisco Giants’ eccentric closer Brian Wilson.  His story brings him through tragedy, blaming God, and turning away from Him.  Then, years later, going with a group of other players on his minor league team to talk to their team chaplain.  His life turned around from there and he is living out his faith very publicly. 
Here he is:

He is known for being a little strange (part of what makes him so likeable)  For more on his famous hand gesture (see picture on left) and the meaning behind it, click here.

For more stories from Christian players on the the Giants and Rangers,
click here to go to the CBN news website.

Let these stories encourage you.  Pray for boldness for these men as they live our their faith in the public eye.  And if you have stories or knowledge of Christians on your favorite teams, pass them along to me.  I’d love to hear their stories and share there with others here.  

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