Ideas for teaching Kids the Bible

One of the joyful experiences that I am privileged to have each week is to present a Bible story and challenge to the “Sparkies” group (k-2) at AWANA. I really enjoy telling the kids about God and sharing the amazing stories of the Bible with them. My hope and prayer each time is that these stories will not be just stories, but will have at least 3 purposes:

1- To familiarize them with the Bible and the way that it is all connected into one story
2- To tell them some of the AMAZING, incredible, “impossible” things that our God can do
3- Remind them that the same exact God who did these amazing things, is alive today, with them wherever they go, and wants to know them personally.

The Bible is truly alive, and to see this living, miraculous book take root in their minds as they consider the stories in its pages, and it’s inspiration, who is revealing Himself through the words they read is a truly amazing experience – I am blessed to get to do it, and hope that God can speak his truth through my fumbling words.

All that being said, I would like to share with you some of the things that I have been sharing with the kids. If I am going to be truthfully honest with you, what you will read in these posts are not just the lessons that I am teaching the kids about God. They are the lessons that God is teaching me about Himself, and asking me to share. I share them now with you, too. May you be blessed, challenged and encouraged by what God is doing and by the truth of His Word!

Sports in the Bible” is the series that I am doing this fall at AWANA.  I will be posting the stories that I tell and the point I am trying to leave the kids with here in the coming weeks.  Feel free to use these stories as a starting point to start conversations about who God is with the kids in your life.


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