World Cup Special – David Luiz – Brazil

imgresThe World Cup kicks off tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  And while soccer is not a huge blip on the radar of most North American sports fans, it is the most popular sport in the rest of the world.  And much like the Olympics showcases the best of hockey around the world, the World Cup puts on display the best soccer players in the world playing the best soccer one can see.

Some of the star footballers that will be playing are using their celebrity and the world wide attention that the World Cup brings to shine a light on the problem of sexually exploited children.  Check of the video from

Sexual exploitation and human trafficking are big problems, everyday, worldwide.  My wife has become an activist against human trafficking and is working to raise awareness of the issue so those caught up in this terrible world can get the help they need.  Check out what she has going on at Stories Cafe.


David Luiz praying for his Chelsea teammate.

luizFor the purposes of this blog, I also want to share a little about Brazilian defender David Luiz.

He first appeared for Brazil in 2007, and went on to captain them in 2012.  He has been playing in Europe since 2007 – most recently with Chelsea in the Premier League.  He is a fan favorite in Chelsea and can often be seen sporting his “God is Faithful” t-shirt under his jersey.

Luiz is very outspoken about his faith in God.  As you can read in this post on Sports Almighty, He likes to talk about football but enjoys talking about his relationship with God as well.

Over the coming weeks, as the World Cup is played out, I will feature a few more soccer/futbol players from around the world and high light their faith in God as well.

Enjoy the great soccer to come and keep checking back for more stories of the Christians at the World Cup.



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